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eLead Leadership Program

Be Rewarded for Being Involved at CCU!

What is eLead?

eLead is a program that will reward you for your involvement on-and-off campus, your academic success, as well as how you plan for the future.  A limited amount of students are welcome to register during their freshman or sophomore year and will continue to be a part of the program until they graduate. 

During their time at Coastal, participants must complete several items within three categories:

  • Learning Leadership – Items in this category will help develop your leadership skills and help you get involved with opportunities around campus.
  • Be a Chanticleer! – Items in this category will help you figure out what it means to be a student at Coastal Carolina University.
  • Academic Success and Career Planning – Items in this category are designed to help you prepare yourself for your life after CCU.

Throughout your time in the program, you will complete items within categories above and will move through three stages, each of which builds on one another.

  • Emerging Leaders – designed for students just starting their journey.
  • Engaged Leaders – designed for students who are very active on campus and are one of the premier student leaders in their area.
  • Exceptional Leaders – designed for students who have gained the needed skills to be successful at CCU and are preparing for life after college.

Once a participant has completed all the required items within each of the stages, eLead will purchase their commencement regalia.

Who is it for?

eLead is for any student who is wanting to make the most of their college experience at Coastal Carolina University.  This program does not require you to do any additional work during your college experience but does allow participants to track and be rewarded for their experiences here at CCU

Any student will be able to find some way to participate in the program, no matter their field of study, what groups they are involved in, or what their outside interests are

What do I have to do?

Interested? The first thing you will need to do is register for the program.  Any freshman or sophomore student (by academic hours) can CLICK HERE and apply to be a part of the program.  Once approved, you will receive an email explaining how to track the items that are a part of the eLead program.

There are several different ways of reporting your experiences on campus through the program.  Some items require you taking a selfie at the event, while others require you to upload proof of attendance, and/or write a short summary about what you experienced.

Why do I need to do this?

eLead will allow you to easily keep track of what amazing opportunities, experiences, and groups you have been involved in while at Coastal Carolina University.   It is also an amazing way to get involved on campus, learn valuable leadership skills that you will use in life, and help plan for your future during the entire time you are here as a student.

What do I do if I have a suggestion for an item?

Did you complete something on campus that you think should be counted, but is not a part of the program yet? Email elead@coastal.edu the details of the item and it will be considered for a part in the overall program.  We are always looking to improve and grow eLead, so we are looking forward to seeing the new types of experiences you will have while a part of the program.

For more questions, please email elead@coastal.edu