Emergency Operating Levels - Coastal Carolina University
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Emergency Operating Levels

There are incidents that occur on campus that are managed by CCU and local emergency response agencies. When a large-scale emergency or disaster adversely affects our area or there are emergency conditions on campus, CCU will take precautionary measures to prepare and safeguard the University community. These precautionary measures may include campus services being modified; classes, administration and staff offices operating on an abbreviated schedule, or the cancellation of classes and closure of campus. The University has established four Emergency Operating Levels and will announce the appropriate level during emergency operations based on the situation. Familiarize yourself with the levels below so you understand University operations during an emergency or disaster.

Situation University Operations
Emergency situation/severe weather is forecast for our area. Classes, administration and staff offices will operate on an abbreviated schedule. Essential Personnel report.
Emergency situation/severe weather is imminent or has occurred. Classes are canceled. Administration and staff offices remain open.
Emergency situation/severe weather or disaster is imminent or is occurring. Classes are canceled and administration and staff offices are closed. Essential Personnel report.
A disaster is imminent or is occurring. Campus is closed. Classes are canceled, administration and staff offices, and residential facilities are cleared and closed. Select Essential Personnel report.

*These levels are to be used as a general guideline. Please understand the circumstances of each large-scale emergency or disaster will vary, calling for various operational responses. Coastal Carolina University’s operational responses to incidents are situationally dependent.