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Naming Opportunities for Gupta College of Science

 Gupta College of Science Quick Facts

  • The marine science program is one of the largest on the East Coast and is the largest undergraduate major at the University. Students are exposed to the breadth of the discipline through courses in marine biology, marine chemistry, oceanography and marine geology. Students can become involved in hands-on learning opportunities from their first year, culminating in individual research experiences.
  • The Swain Scholars program allows students in selected science majors to work on team-based community health projects. Past projects have dealt with nutrition, diabetes education and homelessness. Students have presented the results of their projects at many prestigious venues including the “Posters on the Hill” event in Washington, D.C.
  • The annual Undergraduate Research Competition brings out the best that CCU science has to offer. Students use this event to present their independent research to their colleagues, faculty and staff. Many students use the feedback to hone their presentation skills prior to presenting their work at local, regional and national scientific conferences.
  • Several science departments (public health, exercise science, recreation and sport management) require an internship of their graduates, while others stress the importance of this option (sociology, biology, psychology, etc.). In addition to the importance of independent research work, the internship experience provides valuable “real world” skills for students entering the job market. 

I'm interested in namining opportunities for the Gupta College of Science!

Naming Opportunities

Gupta College of Science  Named
Smith Science Center  Named
Dr. Subhash Saxena Math Suite  Named
Cooper Courtyard Named
Waties Island Research Center  $2,500,000
Vessel for B&C Marine and Wetland Studies (Oceangoing) $500,000
MALDI TOF Mass Spectrometer $450,000
Exercise Science Study Center  $300,000
Department of Biology  $300,000
Department of Physics and Engineering $300,000
Department of Mathematics and Statistics $250,000
Department of Chemistry $250,000
College of Science Physics Instructional Facility  $200,000
Equipment for the “College of Science Protein Chemistry Center” (2)  $150,000 each
Equipment for the “College of Science DNA Center”  $100,000
Endowed Scholarships  $50,000 each
Named Endowment for Undergraduate Student Research  $40,000
Equipment for the “Health Promotion Serum Study Lab”  $12,000
Benches  $1,500
Kenneth E. Swain Hall  
Swain Hall Named Named
Joe Carter Conference Room Named Named
Teresa Reed-Barnette ’97 Microbiology Named
Teaching Laboratory Named Named
Chair/Director Office (2) $50,000 each $50,000 each
Cell/Tissue Culture Research Lab (2) $50,000 each $50,000 each
Biochemistry Research Lab $50,000 $50,000
Organic Chemistry Research Lab $45,000 $45,000
Genetics Research Lab (2) $45,000 each $45,000 each
Cell Biology Teaching Lab  $40,000
Genetics Teaching Lab  $40,000
Inorganic Research Lab (2)  $40,000 each 
Physiology Research Lab (2)  $40,000 each
Microbiology Teaching Lab  $30,000
Physiology Teaching Lab  $30,000
Chemistry Research/Instrument Lab (5) $20,000
Research Teaching Support Room (4)  $10,000
Faculty Offices (30) $10,000 each
Classroom  $5,000
Benches  $1,500
Science Building II  
Science Building II  $2,500,000
Lobby  $100,000
Joseph W. and Frances Fields Holliday Dean’s Suite  Named
Molecular Biology Research Laboratory  $45,000
Organic Chemistry Laboratories (2)  $45,000 each
Research Laboratories (4)  $40,000 each
General Chemistry Laboratories (2)  $40,000 each
Advanced Teaching Laboratories (4)  $40,000 each
Low Service Teaching Laboratories (6)  $30,000 each
Geographical Information System Teaching Laboratory  $30,000
Anatomy Physiology Teaching Laboratories (2)  $30,000 each
Lecture Classrooms (3)  $25,000 each
Clean Room  $20,000
Freshwater Research Laboratory $20,000
Marine Chemistry Instrument Room  $20,000
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility  $20,000
Physical Oceanology Research Laboratory  $20,000
Colonnade (larger)  $15,000
Outdoor Wet Teaching Research Area  $15,000
Roof Deck  $15,000
Balcony  $10,000
Colonnade (smaller)  $10,000
Faculty Offices (42)  $10,000 each
Research Teaching Support Rooms (7)  $10,000 each
Conference/Seminar Rooms (2)  $7,500 each
Benches  $1,500

I'm interested in namining opportunities for the Gupta College of Science!

About the I'M IN 2 Endowment Campaign

Coastal Carolina University’s endowment ensures that the University moves forward in its goals to recruit and retain the best and brightest students and faculty and provides access to a comprehensive liberal arts education.

The University’s ongoing I’M IN endowment campaign is designed to bolster this ever-important fund. The focus of the campaign is to increase student scholarships and support academic excellence. Phase one of the campaign raised more than $22 million; the goal of phase two is to raise an additional $20 million by 2023.

“The tremendous success of the I’M IN campaign is a direct result of our alumni, donors and friends recognizing and embracing the forward trajectory of Coastal Carolina University,” said CCU President David A. DeCenzo. “We are extremely thankful for everyone’s generosity and commitment to the University. The continuation of the campaign via I’M IN 2 is paramount as we look to provide financial support for current and future students who seek to earn a comprehensive liberal arts education at Coastal Carolina University.”