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Dual-Degree Engineering

Bachelor of Science

The Engineering Dual Degree program offers students the opportunity to begin their academic career by pursuing a Bachelor of Science at Coastal Carolina University while preparing for a bachelor's degree in engineering from Clemson University. The student will spend about three years (depending on the level of preparation) at Coastal Carolina University majoring in one of four degree programs (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, or Applied Physics) that is compatible with their engineering major at Clemson University. The student will spend two or more years at Clemson University majoring in one of the appropriate engineering degrees. While at Clemson University, the student will complete the remaining courses needed for their CCU degree.

Students interested in participating in this program should consult with the program advisor (below). Course selection and course sequencing are critical for timely completion. A second advisor will be assigned from the student's major program chosen at CCU. Additional information is also found in the University Catalog.


George W. Hitt, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Program Director