Creative Writing Concentration - Coastal Carolina University
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Creative Writing Concentration

The Creative Writing concentration is for majors interested in creating original poems, essays, and fictions. You will author imaginative works in multiple genres and craft revisions in response to feedback and group workshops designed to support your growth. The bodies of work you leave with will be diverse, but they will all be attentive to language, in forms worthy of the content they hold, thematically layered and relevant, and demonstrative of your unique voice. 

As we live increasingly in virtual sites constructed by language, building the skills needed to craft sonnets, structure personal stories, or invent characters’ voices equips the writer with the creativity to respond to, and coauthor, such spaces. Demand for creative writers in the workforce is growing as companies recognize the enduring power of story. But beyond practicalities, the immersive experience of hand-making worlds for its own sake promises to enrich your appreciation for the one you are in.

(18 Credit Hours)

Choose six of the following (18 credit hours):

  • ENGL 362 – Fiction I
  • ENGL 365 – Creative Nonfiction I
  • ENGL 368 – Poetry I
  • ENGL 462 – Fiction II
  • ENGL 465 – Creative Nonfiction II
  • ENGL 468 – Poetry II
  • ENGL 469 – Special Topics in Creative Writiing

Note:  In addition to the 18 concentration hours above, all students, regardless of concentration, must take the Major Requirements. No course can be counted for both the Major Foundation and Major Concentration requirements. Students may take ENGL 462, 465, 468, and 469 as many as two times each (i.e. these four courses are all repeatable once).