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English Studies Concentration

English Studies is the non-concentration concentration, designed for students who prefer not to specialize in any one area and would instead like to sample a wide array of course offerings. Because the 18 “concentration” credit hours can be spent on any six classes numbered 301 and above, you get maximum flexibility to design your own course of study. Want to take three creative writing classes and three literature classes? Perfect! Want to dabble in linguistics and technical writing and rhetorical theory? Go for it! Every upper-level ENGL class is fair game. Whatever combination of six classes you choose, you can be sure that you will develop your ability to read analytically, write clearly, and think deeply.

(18 Credit Hours)

Take six ENGL courses numbered 301 to 499 (18 credit hours).

Note:  In addition to the 18 concentration hours above, all students, regardless of concentration, must take the Major Requirements. No course can be counted for both the major foundation and major concentration requirements.