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Measuring Tidal Creek Export

Determining the contribution of nutrients and organic matter by tidal creeks to Long Bay, SC.

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Withers Swash & Mike

Examining Hypoxia

Continuously monitoring nearshore ocean water quality at three sites in Long Bay, SC, to determine the causes of hypoxia.

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River Gauging

Helping local governments comply with freshwater quality regulations by regularly measuring the water quality of the Waccamaw River and its tributaries.

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‌‌River Gauging Jeff 1

Beach Monitoring

Regularly measuring beach water quality for the City of Myrtle Beach, SC, to facilitate compliance with water quality regulations.

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beach monitoring

Tracking Sources of Fecal Pollution

Identifying sources of fecal pollution in Myrtle Beach, SC, using qPCR, a method of DNA analysis.

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‌‌MST - Kyle & Saalem

Volunteer Water Monitoring

Mobilizing dozens of volunteer citizen scientists in South Carolina to collect water quality data along the Waccamaw River, Murrells Inlet, and Surfside Beach.

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Volunteer Monitoring 1

Restoring Crabtree Swamp

Restoring Crabtree Swamp to a more natural state to increase flood storage capacity, stabilize banks, filter pollutants from water with native plantings, and provide wildlife habitat.

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