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Building Informaton


272  AOC2  Academic Office/Classroom #2 
995  ADF1  Adkins Field House 
190  ARCA  Arcadia Hall (Athletic Administration Facility) 
020  ATNM  Atheneum Hall (Administration) 
234  AGMB  Athletic Grounds Maintenance Building (Fowler Farm) 
469  AHPR  Atlantic Hall (Purchasing and Receiving) 
364  ATMB  ATM Building 
075  AZAL  Azalea Hall (Residence Hall G) 
125  BFSS  Baseball Field Staff & Storage 
157  BBSB  Baseball Score Board 
352  BAXL  Bill Baxley Hall  
215  TENF  Billy Nichols Tennis Facility 
219  BNBS  Billy Nichols Tennis Facility Storage Building 
186  BBHF  Boni Belle Hitting and Practice Facility  
984  BSWS  Brooks Stadium - Dr. Ward Sports Performance Ctr 
988  BEM1  Brooks Stadium East Mens Restroom 1 
987  BEW1  Brooks Stadium East Womens Restroom 1 
986  BSEC  Brooks Stadium East Concession Stand 
989  BEW2  Brooks Stadium East Womens Restroom 2 
994  BSFS  Brooks Stadium Football Scoreboard 
983  BSMB  Brooks Stadium Main Building 
990  BSS1  Brooks Stadium Scoreboard Bldg #1 
991  BSS2  Brooks Stadium Scoreboard Bldg #2 
996  BSTF  Brooks Stadium Turf & Fence 
993  BSWB  Brooks Stadium West Bleacher/Seats 
980  BSWC  Brooks Stadium West Concession Stand 
981  BWM1  Brooks Stadium West Mens Restroom 
982  BWW1  Brooks Stadium West Womens Restroom 1 
992  BWW2  Brooks Stadium West Womens Stand-Alone Restroom 2 
985  BSWV  Brooks Stadium Will Garland Academic Enhancement Center 
011  BICL  Bryan Information Commons Library 
400  BCMW  Burroughs and Chapin Center for Marine and Wetlands Studies 
267  CEP1  Central Energy Plant 1 (behind Student Center) 
282  SREP  Central Energy Plant 2 (Next to HTC Center) 
404  CCOA  Century Circle Office A (450A) 
405  CCOB  Century Circle Office B (450B) 
406  CCSS  Century Circle Storage Space 
214  CBBM  Chad Beaty Bell Memorial 
630  CH30  Chanticleer Hall (Housing Bldg 3000) 
631   CH31  Chanticleer Hall (Housing Bldg 3100) 
632  CH32  Chanticleer Hall (Housing Bldg 3200) 
171  FSCB  Chaunceys Choice 
343  CHEM  Chemical Storage Building 
639  CO39  CINO Hall (Housing Bldg 3900) 
640  CO40  CINO Hall (Housing Bldg 4000) 
641  CO41  CINO Hall (Housing Bldg 4100) 
274  BRTH  Clay D. Brittain, Jr. Hall  
457  CBH1  Coastal Band Hall 
458  CBH2  Coastal Band Hall Annex 
410  CSCC  Coastal Science Center  
295  CYPS  Cypress Hall (Residence Hall B) 
305  DGWD  Dogwood Hall (Residence Hall D) 
289    Dogwood Hall Footbridge 
275  WALL  E. Craig Wall, Sr., College of Business Administration 
001  SNGL  Edward M. Singleton Building 
005  PRIN  Eldred E. Prince Building 
310  ELM  Elm Hall (Residence Hall E) 
642  EL42  Elvington Housing Bldg 4200 
629  ELPS  Elvington Loop Pump Station 
035  SEF  Energy Center (EMS) 
407  ETFS  Environmental Health & Safety/Transportation/Facilities and University Storage 
355  ETV1  ETV Tower and Control Room 
260  FAC1  Facilities 1 - Facilities Planning and Management Office 
265  FAC2  Facilities 2 - Facilities Supplies/Custodial Offices 
255  FAC3  Facilities 3 - Facilities General Maintenance Shop 
240  FAC4  Facilities 4 - Facilities Grounds Maintenance Shop 
242  FAC5  Facilities 5 - Facilities Sign Shop and Pesticide Storage 
487  FTSP  Fire Tower Student Parking 
287    Footbridge from Cafeteria 
286  FHDH  Fred W. Hicks, III Dining Hall (The Commons) 
453  GEC1  Georgetown Offices/Classrooms/Boat Dock 
371  GBT1  Graham Bell Tower 
345  GRNH  Greenhouse 
344  GROS  Greenhouse Office / Storage 
324  GHTR  Guard House @ The Chancellors 
483  HRR6  Hackler Restroom  
480  HGCG  Hackler Golf Course Club House 
486  HGIF  Hackler Golf Course Instructional Facility 
481  HMS1  Hackler Maintenance Shed 
484  HPH3  Hackler Pump House  
482  HRRI  Hackler Restroom  
485  HWH2  Hackler Well  
170  HAMP  Hampton Hall  
353  HCSA  Horry County Scholars Academy 
281  HTCC  HTC Center (Student Recreation and Convocation Center) 
424   HRPD  Human Resources (Prudential Building) 
226  HBCC  Humanities Building Chiller Compound 
040  INDO  Indigo House 
015  KRNS  Kearns Hall 
328  KESH  Kenneth E. Swain (Science Annex) 
010  KLIB  Kimbel Library 
350  KING  Kingston Hall 
490  LACK  Lackey Chapel 
067  LAUR  Laurel Center (Photography) 
360  LJSC  Lib Jackson Student Union - Building A 
360  LJSC  Lib Jackson Student Union - Building B 
452  LEC1  Litchfield Education Center 
080  MAGN  Magnolia Hall (Residence Hall H) 
300  MPLE  Maple Hall (Residence Hall C) 
227    Mechanical Irrigation Control Station 
175  MCA1  Media Center Annex 
351  MNSE  Mense Hall (ROTC) 
359  MESS  Message Center  
415  MPRA  Multi-Purpose Recreation & Athletic Fields 
451  MBEC  Myrtle Beach Educational Center 
362  NGEF  Natural Gas Energy Facility 
290  OAK  Oak Hall (Residence Hall A) 
315  PALM  Palmetto Hall (Residence Hall F) 
979    Pedestrian Bridge at Field House to Fowler Field 
327    Pedestrian Bridge E/S Wall 
225    Pedestrian Bridge W/S Wall 
238  PPGP  Physical Plant Gas/Field Pump & Containment 
250  PPMS  Physical Plant Metal Storage (Alumni Brown Bldg) 
252  PPPS  Physical Plant Plumbing Storage 
245  PPTS  Physical Plant Tractor/Wood Storage 
356  PLSB  Public Safety Building 
330  SCI  R. Cathcart Smith Science Building 
411  RECF  Recreation Fields (Atlantic Center) 
412  RFPH  Recreation Fields Pump House (Atlantic Center) 
413  RGOS   Recreation/Grounds Offices and Storage (Atlantic Center) 
321  RHDW  Residence Hall Domestic Water Booster Pump 
320  RHFP  Residence Hall Fire Pump House 
408  RLAA  Residence Life - Unit A/Atlantic Center 
409  RLBA  Residence Life - Unit B/Atlantic Center 
280  RGEH  Ronald G. Eaglin Hall 
285  RRIH  Ronald R. Ingle Hall 
235  SAND  Sands Hall /Administrative/Mail Distribution 
331  SCIC  Science Building Chiller Compound 
329  SCX2  Science Center II 
035  SEC  Singleton Energy Center (EMS) 
318  OAK2  Small Storage Bldg.  
089  SFBS  Soccer Field Bleacher Seats 
126  SFP1  Soccer Field Platform 
087  SFPB  Soccer Field Press Box 
088  SFSB  Soccer Score Board 
086  SOCC  Soccer Stadium 
199  SFHS  Softball Field House/Stadium 
206  SOFL  Softball Field Lighting 
200  SFSB  Softball Field Scoreboard 
205  SFSB  Softball Field Steel Bleachers 
160  SOFS  Softball Field Storage 
425  SOLA  Solar Panels / Bus Stop 
370  SPAD  Spadoni Park  
121  SBSB  Springs Brooks Baseball Stadium 
414  TNCX  StevensTennis Complex/Atlantic Center 
317  OAK1  Storage Building Behind Res. Oak Hall 
354  SHCS  Student Health Center and Counseling Services 
085  ROPE  Survival/Ropes Course 
978  TDSC  TD Sports Complex (Entrance into Brooks Stadium) 
636  TE36  Teal Hall (Housing Bldg 3600) 
637  TE37  Teal Hall (Housing Bldg 3700) 
638  TE38  Teal Hall (Housing Bldg 3800) 
025    The Atheneum 
301  TWP1  The Woods Pavilion (Res Life Picnic Area) 
220  EHFA  Thomas W. & Robin W. Edwards College of Humanities & Fine Arts 
233  TRK4  Track & Field Metal Storage Building 
230  TRK1  Track Facilities 
633  TD33  Tradition Hall (Housing Bldg 3300) 
634  TD34  Tradition Hall (Housing Bldg 3400) 
635  TD35  Tradition Hall (Housing Bldg 3500) 
358  UHES  University Hwy 501 Entrance Signs 
699  U100  UP-100 Pool (Campus Edge) 
712  U1010  UP-1010 Piedmont H 
706  U1015  UP-1015 Blue Ridge I 
700  U102  UP-102 Admin. House, Offices (Campus Edge) 
713  U1020  UP-1020 Piedmont I 
754  U1021  UP-1021 Storage Shed 2 
707  U1025  UP-1025 Blue Ridge H 
714  U1030  UP-1030 Piedmont J 
715  U1035  UP-1035 Piedmont F 
760  U104  UP-104 Grand Strand A 
716  U1040  UP-1040 Piedmont K 
717  U1045  UP-1045 Piedmont E 
718  U1055  UP-1055 Piedmont D 
761  U106  UP-106 Grand Strand B 
719  U1065  UP-1065 Piedmont C 
755  U1069  UP-1069 Storage Shed 3 
720  U1075  UP-1075 Piedmont B 
762  U108  UP-108 Grand Strand C 
721  U1085  UP-1085 Piedmont A 
749  U1095  UP-1095 C-Store/Grill 
756  U110  UP-110 Storage Shed 4 
763  U112  UP-112 Grand Strand D 
764  U114  UP-114 Grnd Strand E 
765  U116  UP-116 Grand Strand F 
766   U118  UP-118 Sandhills I 
768  U120  UP-120 Sand Hills A 
769  U122  UP-122 Sand Hills B 
770  U124  UP-124 Sand Hills C 
771  U126  UP-126 Sand Hills D 
772  U128  UP-128 Sand Hills E 
773  U130  UP-130 Sand Hills F 
774  U132  UP-132 Sand Hills G 
775  U134  UP-134 Sand Hills H 
757  U136  UP-136 Storage Shed 5 
776  U138  UP-138 Sand Hills J 
758  U204  UP-204 Storage Shed 6 
777  U208  UP-208 Low Country A 
778  U212  UP-212 Low Country B 
779  U216  UP-216 Low Country C 
780  U220  UP-220 Low Country D 
781  U224  UP-224 Low Country E 
782  U228  UP-228 Low Country F 
783  U232  UP-232 Low Country G 
784  U236  UP-236 Low Country H 
785  U240  UP-240 Low Country I 
752  U900  UP-900 University Place Guard House 
750  U945  UP-945 Food Service 
701  U950  UP-950 Blue Ridge A 
702  U960  UP-960 Blue Ridge B 
751  U961  UP-961 Original UP Pool House  
703  U970  UP-970 Blue Ridge C 
704  U980  UP-980 Blue Ridge D 
753  U981  UP-981 Storage Shed 1 
705  U985  UP-985 Blue Ridge E 
710  U990  UP-990 Blue Ridge F 
711  U995  UP-995 Blue Ridge K 
698  U100  UP100 Pool & Activity House  
708  U1000  UP1000 Blue Ridge G 
709  U1005  UP1005 Blue Ridge J 
402  WI-1  Waites Island House/Office 
277  WABB  Wall Building Bridge 
276  WALC  Wall Building Chiller Compound 
279  WALP  Wall Irrigation Pump House 
365  WHEL  Wheelwright Auditorium 
045  WB  Williams Brice Gymnasium and Annex 
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