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Facilities Planning and Management
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Mechanical Maintenance is responsible for the HVAC, Plumbing and Electrical installations and repairs on campus.

The HVAC shop maintains and services the equipment controlling the comfort levels and air quality of the campus buildings. HVAC technicians monitor and perform repairs to the heating and cooling systems and maintain operation standards of this equipment.

Plumbing technicians maintain the general plumbing systems on campus according to plumbing codes and regulations. General plumbing duties involve repairing and installing pumps, safety valves, hot water tanks, waterlines, plumbing fixtures, and various specialized kitchen and laboratory equipment.

The electricians are responsible for installing and maintaining lighting systems, electrical equipment, clock systems, motors, ventilation fans, special equipment and various types of high and low voltage, switch gear and control circuits. They maintain general repairs to elevators and check all electrical systems for compliance with codes. Electricians also stand by at special events such as athletic events and commencement to assure that any corrections or malfunctions in electrical equipment are repaired quickly and efficiently. (See Policy HREO 510– Lock Out/Tag Out).

To request the services of the Mechanical Maintenance department, please submit your work request to Facilities Operations on the Forms site.

Kerry Lord, superintendant
Facilities, Mechanical Maintenance
William (Bill) Suggs, assistant superintendent
Facilities, Mechanical Maintenance


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