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Facilities Planning and Management
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Projects & Planning
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The responsibility of the department of Repairs/Renovations is to meet the carpentry, painting, signage, minor construction, repairs and installation needs of the campus community.

Facilities carpentry shop is responsible for minor construction, small projects, general maintenance, and estimates for projects as requested.

Facilities Sign Shop provides interior and exterior campus signage, specialty signage and engraving services. The Sign Shop works closely with the Department of University Communications to uphold the branding policies set forth in regards to color management and content. The exterior signage includes traffic and main identification signage. The Interior signage includes room signage plates, name badges, interior directional signs and desk plates. (See Policy FINA 402 - Signage). (Approved Nameplates/Badges). (Approved Signage). The Facilities Painting staff is responsible for paint requests for campus facilities and the painting of our Athletic fields.

Lock and Key Control department is responsible for lock hardware and door maintenance, and key control and distribution. (See Policy FINA 450 - Lock/Key Control).

  • To return a key please emailKevin Bowers at to notify him of your return and send the key through campus mail to Karl's attention at campus address, Facilities 1 (Winyah)..
  • To transfer a key please email Kevin a to let him know to whom you will be transferring the key too.

To request the services of this department, please submit your work request to Facilities Operations on the Forms site.

Edward Mishoe, superintendent
Facilities, Repairs & Renovations
Del Altman, assistant superintendent
Facilities, Repairs & Renovations
Joey Gore, paint and signage supervisor
Facilities, Repairs & Renovations



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