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SE-210 Invitation For Professional Services

Project Name:  Commissioning Services 2014 - 2016

Project Number:  H17 - D094 -  MJ

Project Location:  Coastal Carolina University, Conway

Description of Project:
Coastal Carolina University will select one commissioning agency to perform LEED EA prerequisite I for Fundamental Commissioning of the Building Energy System & EA Cr3 Enhanced commissioning for LEED projects on campus. The contract period for IDC professional services is limited to two years. Total fees shall not exceed $500,000 & $200,000 for individual projects. Preference will be given to firms with a home office in South Carolina. The professional may be subject to a performance appraisal at the close of the project. Any questions concerning the terms & conditions of the proposed contract must be addressed to the Agency Coordinator listed later in this notice.

Anticipated Construction Cost Range:   n/a

Description of Professional Services Anticipated for Project:

Information to be Submitted in Addition tothe Current Standard Federal Forms 254 and 255:
Resumes cannot exceed 20 pages (front & back of each page may be used), including covers, which must be soft – no hard notebooks. The Standard Federal Form 330 & a certificate stating whether the business is a resident of South Carolina must be included with the resume, but are not counted in the 20 page limit. All commissioning firms shall provide one copy of their resume on a CD (PDF) along with six hard copies. The selection process shall follow the requirements given in Chapter 4 of the Manual for Planning & Execution of State Permanent Improvements, Part II.

Resume Deadline Date:   February    06 ,   2014

Time:   4:00 PM

Number of Copies:   6

Name of Agency Coordinator:   Mark Avant

Title of Agency Coordinator:   Project Manager

Agency Phone:   843-349-2152

Agency Fax:   843-349-2182

Agency Email:

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