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Feel the Teal

Frequently Asked Questions

What are we trying to accomplish with Feel the Teal?

We work in education to lift our students, each other, and our community at large by providing services, ensuring safety and, most importantly, promoting discovery and challenging each other to examine commonly held truisms. Feel the Teal is the implementation plan of the civility we celebrate each fall during new student convocation.

Who is our customer?

Our customer is anyone we work with to achieve the mission of Coastal Carolina University: students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, family members, donors and potential donors, employers, community businesses and contacts. The Feel the Teal initiative is about exhibiting appropriate behaviors that serve all of our stakeholders; it deals not only with student success but also in how we treat each other and represent the University to all of our stakeholders. We do not want people to be hung up on the word customer – it is a word we can use for anyone we work with, for and around. It ultimately shouldn't matter what we call them, what matters is how we treat them!

Who can participate in Feel the Teal training sessions?

Anyone who works at CCU is encouraged to complete the eight modules of the Feel the Teal Service Excellence program offered in 1.5 hours, in-person training sessions expressly for faculty and staff. We also offer six one-hour, in-person training modules for student employees and student organization leaders.

Do I need to take the eight training modules in order?

Our seventh module, Service SWOT requires that you attend session one through six first. Those first six modules may be taken in any order that fits your schedule. The last and final training, Feel the Teal Celebration, may only be completed once you've done numbers one through seven.

Do student employees need to attend Feel the Teal training modules?

Yes, student workers have become an integral part of our workforce at the University and are very much in front of our customers on a daily basis (faculty, staff, parents, visitors, etc.). They are an important part of our student representation on campus at CCU. We have intentionally designed our training to be applicable to all students for their jobs on campus and future careers.

Is this initiative just about appearance and smiling?

Feel the Teal is more than appearance and superficial change – this is about a paradigm shift in our culture in which everyone who interacts with the University will feel the pride we have in how we conduct business. This initiative offers training techniques and skill builders to help all of us serve each other, the campus, and those who call it home no matter how long they are here. The Feel the Teal training gives all us an opportunity to practice skills and develop new techniques intended to help all of us better serve each other and our stakeholders.  

I don’t work in retail, why do I have to wear a nametag?

A staff or faculty member wearing a nametag connotes a person willing and able to assist anyone on our campus to find something, learn something or simply connect with someone. Implicit in the angst over wearing a nametag is the perception that it minimizes the wearer; instead, it empowers us as people "in the know."