Overview - Coastal Carolina University
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Feel the teal

Feel the Teal reflects Coastal Carolina University's commitment to providing high-quality educational programs and services. Our intention is to meet the needs of our customers in a faster (process), friendlier (people) and easier (access) manner. This philosophy is to be seen and lived out in all service interactions and impressions by all representatives of Coastal Carolina University. 

The primary objective of this service-driven initiative is to make certain that everyone who interacts with Coastal Carolina University in any way—be that person a student, a member of the general public or CCU employees – receives treatment with care, courtesy and respect.

Why CCU is focusing on service

  • Competition in higher education
  • Rising expectations of our customers
  • To strengthen the brand identity and image for CCU
  • To contribute to a more pleasant work environment
  • To facilitate ongoing learning and improvement
  • To help turn recruitment success into retention success
Feel the Teal Mission

To create and sustain a stronger sense of institutional community and culture among Coastal Carolina University's faculty, staff, students, alumni and all stakeholders. This mission is accomplished by providing the infrastructure and service training needed to ensure a productive, supportive and educational work environment.

Feel the Teal Vision

To play a vital role in our campus' retention efforts by cultivating pride, encouraging growth, and providing continuous training and service resources for the University community.