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For Federal and State Aid:

The amount and type of financial aid a student is awarded each year depends upon the student's financial need as determined by the FAFSA, the date of application, the student's enrollment status and the institution's funding level.

Contributions expected from the dependent student and from his or her parents are considered in establishing financial need and determining eligibility for financial aid. The expected family contribution is calculated using a mathematical formula established by the U.S. Congress. This formula analyzes a number of factors to determine financial need, including the following:

  • parents' income and assets,
  • the age of the oldest parent,
  • the number in the household,
  • the number attending college and
  • the student's income and assets.

An independent student's need is based on the resources of his or her family unit; parental contribution is not considered.  The Department of Education determines the student's dependency status based on the FAFSA data.

All eligible applicants will receive some type of financial assistance. However, federally funded programs administered by Financial Aid and Scholarships may not meet full demands.  Funds are awarded first to students with the greatest amount of financial need or the lowest expected family contribution, until available funds are exhausted. To determine eligibility for aid, the total expected family contribution is subtracted from the total cost of attendance. The figure remaining is the student's maximum eligibility for need-based federal student financial aid and scholarships. However, federal student aid and University scholarships are limited, and students should not assume that their full need will be met. Students and parents should be aware that supplementary programs, such as the PLUS Loan, may be a necessary part of funding their Coastal Carolina University education.

For an estimate of freshman student eligibility for institutional, state and federal aid, please visit our
Scholarship and Net-Price Calculator.

For Institutional Scholarships:

The initial awarding of institutional scholarships for entering students is based upon high school or transfer GPA, SAT/ACT scores or transfer credit hours, and the date of application.  For additional scholarship information, please visit our Scholarship page.  For scholarship renewal criteria, please review our Scholarship Renewal Summary.

For State Scholarships:

The initial awarding of state (lottery) scholarships for entering students is based upon high school GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and high school class rank.  For additional state scholarship information, please visit our SC State Lottery page.  For state scholarship renewal criteria, please review our Scholarship Renewal Summary.

Types of Financial Assistance

Work Study

Most Scholarships require full time enrollment

Grant amounts are determined by enrollment status

Federal loans require at least half-time enrollment