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Projected Cumulative LIFE GPA Calculator

To project your cumulative LIFE GPA

  • Enter your current "Total LIFE GPA credits"
  • Enter your current "Cumulative LIFE GPA"
  • Enter the number of credits for each course you are taking this semester.
  • Select the letter grade you expect to earn in each of those courses.
  • Select "Calculate".
  • You will see your projected Cumulative LIFE GPA, Total LIFE Grade Points and Total LIFE Graded Credits
  • Select "Reset" to clear the projections.

Coastal Carolina University Grading System

Coastal Carolina University Grade Values (Show / Hide)
Grade Value of Grade (per credit)
A 4 grade points
B+ 3.5 grade points
B 3 grade points
C+ 2.5 grade points
C 2 grade points
D+ 1.5 grade points
D 1 grade point
F, WF 0 grade points
S, U, W, I, AUD No grade points assigned (will not affect GPA)

[Disclaimer: This calculator only provides PROJECTED values for LIFE GPA, Total LIFE Graded Hours, Total LIFE Grade Points, etc. based on the values you enter. ]

Total LIFE GPA Credits (Current)
Current Cumulative LIFE GPA
Enter No. of Credit(s)
for each course
(for current semester)
Select Letter Grade you are expecting
(for current semester)
Grade Points
(System Generated)



Frequently Asked Questions

To obtain your current "Total LIFE GPA Credits" and current "Cumulative LIFE GPA"

  • Go to WebAdvisor for Students (Clicking on this link will open "WebAdvisor for Students" in a new window).

  • Click on the "LIFE GPA " menu option. You will be prompted to enter your WebAdvisor UserName / PIN.

  • You will see the labels "LIFE GPA" and "LIFE GPA CREDITS" marked specifically for use in the LIFE GPA projection calculation

  • Copy these values. You will need these values to enter in your Cumulative LIFE GPA Calculator.

  • Please make sure you Log Out and exit the "WebAdvisor for Students" window.








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