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Foreign Languages

  • Kearns Hall 204
  • 843-349-2468
  • Walk-ins and by apppointment

Summer 2020
Online Appointments Available

While classes are redirected to the online environment due to the coronavirus situation, online Foreign Language Instructional Center tutoring will be available for summer sessions. During online tutoring sessions, students will have an opportunity to work with a representative from FLIC for up to one hour to discuss and ask questions about their current foreign language course just as they would in face-to-face tutoring sessions.

How to make on online appointment »

The Foreign Language Instructional Center (FLIC) provides resources that support and enhance language courses offered by the Department of Languages and Intercultural Studies at Coastal Carolina University. Our services include guided conversation workshops, grammar and cultural workshops, game day and movie nights, one-on-one, and/or group consultations as well as online homework assistance with a language specialist.

Although appointments are not necessary, they are highly recommended. Appointments may be made in the center with a language specialist. Please note that daily individual tutoring sessions typically last 45 minutes. After each individual session with a language specialist, the language specialist will send a notification to the professor regarding the session and the material covered.

Please note that language specialists are also available to assist with distance learning language courses.

Distance education students completing coursework away from campus in need of academic support in writing, math or foreign languages should call 843-349-6536 for assistance options.