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FLIC Events Spring/Fall Semesters Only

Movie Days

LJSU*A110 (Lib Jackson Student Union A110 Theater Auditorium)

The FLIC German and Spanish movie events are intended for students enrolled in a foreign language course at Coastal. CCU student ID is required for entry. Some material may not be suitable for all viewers; viewer discretion is advised. Please arrive on time.


Monday 26 March 2018

Guten Tag (Buen Día) Ramón 82 min 3:00-4:30PM Spanish and German film with English subtitles.

Guten Tag, (Buen Día) Ramón (82 minutes) tells the story of Ramóns immigration from Mexico to Germany and how he begins a new life, step by step. 


Wednesday 28 March 2018

Good Bye, Lenin! 121 min 3:00 - 5:00PM  German film with English subtitles.

A heart attack leaves Lenin's mother in a coma.  While in a coma, the Berlin Wall falls and life in Germany has changed tremendously.  To prevent his mother from the possibility of having another heart attack, Lenin goes out of his way to protect his mother from the truth.


Cultural Conversations

Come to the FLIC and test your conversation skills with a native speaker.  

offered in Spring & Fall Semesters only


Stop by the FLIC for a Tour 

Interested in a private lesson with a language specialist?

Need to make an appointment in the FLIC?

During the semester you can make an appointment in the Foreign Language Instructional Center in one of two ways:

  1. Call 843-349-2468, or
  2. Stop by Kearns 204 during our hours of operation and speak with one of our front desk language specialists