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Stephanie Miller
Form Start Date
Mar 17, 2019
Form Type
Proposal For Change(s) In An Undergraduate Program (B)
Form ID
Form Submitted Date
Aug 1, 2019

Form Steps:

Submitted on:
Jun 19, 2019
Submitted by:
Stephanie Miller
For Program (name):
Art History
and Degree:
College of:
Humanities & Fine Arts
Department of:
Visual Arts
Date change is to be effective:
spring 2020

Submitted on:
Mar 17, 2019
Changes proposed for:

Submitted on:
Aug 01, 2019
*** Type of Changes Selected ***
Required Courses:
From: ARTH 497
To: optional
Addition of Courses to Program (Course prefix and number):
Additional ARTH courses, specifically ARTH 380; HFA 205, PHIL 360, HIST 392/ANTH 391; HIST 396
Other (explanation):
Other (explanation): Shifting requirements for 2 ARTS or ARTD 200 level or above classes to optional and allowing for the option of 2 additional ARTH 200 level or above classes, or 2 200 level or above classes (from a pre-approved list of courses) from outside the department. ARTH 250Q* is not a new addition, but is now listed under foundations, rather than other requirements. ARTH 497, the art history capstone, is being changed from required to optional.
Catalog Description:
Proposed catalog description as it is to appear in the CCU Catalog:

Submitted on:
Aug 01, 2019
What research has led to this request?
The changes allow for greater options for potential art history majors. The art history major still efficiently allows for a visual arts student to double major in Art History and Art Studio or Graphic Design. However, by changing the requirements from two 200 level or above art studio or graphic design classes, to optional, it will allow those students with less interest or aptitude in the creation of art to continue to explore art history or cultural heritage studies by taking art history courses instead (or others from a related list of courses). ARTH 497 will be offered as an elective rather than a required capstone experience. Initially, this course was included to parallel the other capstone experiences in the department of visual arts. Such a course is a rarely a requirement of art history majors, merely an option. Further, requiring the art history capstone disadvantages students who are double majors in studio and art history, weakening the end product of both courses. The art historians feel strongly that an additional upper level course that is content driven by the instructor and includes typical writing assignments will better serve the majority of students in the long run. ARTH 497 will be retained for and encouraged for honors students or students who anticipate applying for graduate school.
What impact will this request have on existing academic programs?
It should have no impact on existing programs other than positive for art history by allowing students with less interest or aptitude in the making of art to pursue art history. Students sill interested in a double major in the visual arts department will experience no curricular change.
What financial costs are associated with this request?
If NO change in cost is anticipated, how is this possible?
No budgetary changes are anticipated as it is just shifting credits and requirements; all courses added to the curriculum are already in rotation.
Additional Information
The majority of the requested changes were approved by the College Curriculum Committee in late spring 2018. Subsequent changes were requested at Academic Affairs (late fall 2018) and those requested corrections have been made. However, given the time between the initial request and now, the art history faculty saw an opportunity to further refine the relatively new major by simply creating an entirely new request.

Position Status Date Note
Department Chair (1) approved Aug 12, 2019
College Curriculum Chair (2) approved Aug 21, 2019
College Dean (3) approved Aug 21, 2019
Academic Affairs Chair (6) approved Sep 14, 2019 approved
Faculty Senate Chair (7) approved Oct 4, 2019

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