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Talbot Selby
Form Start Date
Aug 9, 2019
Form Type
Proposal For A New Undergraduate Course (C)
Form ID
Form Submitted Date
Aug 22, 2019

Form Steps:

Submitted on:
Aug 09, 2019
Course prefix and number:
ARTS 494
Course title:
B.F.A. Seminar
College of:
Humanities & Fine Arts
Department of:
Visual Arts
Date change is to be effective:
Fall 2020
Semester(s) offered:
F, S, Su

Submitted on:
Aug 22, 2019
The following apply:
Required for a Major: Yes
Required for a Minor: No
Required for a Certificate: No
Cognate: No
Elective: No
Is this course repeatable for credit?
Are there any course equivalencies?
Is this course to be listed for Pass/Fail Grading?
ARTS 298, First Semester Senior BFA major
Number of Credits:
3 Credits
Catalog description, in the present tense:
ARTS 494 B.F.A. Seminar. (3 credits) (Prereq: ARTS 298, First semester senior BFA major) ARTS 494 is a companion course to ARTS 498 B.F.A. Thesis. Students delve deeply into the concepts, historical context, materials, and processes that relate to artmaking. Research, texts, and theory are emphasized to promote critical thinking, analysis, in-depth discussion, and writing into student’s personal content as they develop work for thesis. Development of professional practices for the emerging artist are explored through a variety of methods to prepare the student for advancement in the artworld. F,S, Su.
Course Restrictions:
This course is restricted to BFA in Visual Arts majors only.
Proposed Syllabus:
Proposed Instructor/title:
Yvette Arendt/Assistant Professor
Alternate Instructor/title:
Alexandra Knox/Assistant Professor
Are there other departments/schools with expertise in the areas covered by this course?
Estimated enrollment:
Prior enrollment in course:
Method of Delivery:
Explanation for Other:
Studio Class for Visual Art

Submitted on:
Aug 09, 2019
Is this course to be considered for the CORE?

Submitted on:
Aug 09, 2019
Is this course to be considered for the QEP?

Submitted on:
Aug 12, 2019
What research has led to this request?
The development of a BFA in Visual Art necessitates the need for this type of course for our majors. This is a standard course for a BFA degree and is generally recommended by our accrediting body, NASAD.
What impact will this request have on existing academic programs?
This course will help students develop their professional portfolio (CV, artist statement, web and social presence, etc), as well as the critical interpretations of their creative works.
What financial costs are associated with this request?
There should be a $50 lab fee for this course. A general lab fee will assist by helping cover the cost associated with color toner cartridges for printers, paper, and general art supplies.
If NO change in cost is anticipated, how is this possible?
Additional Information

Submitted on:
Aug 09, 2019
Assessment Addendum:
no attachment
Assessment prepared by:
Easton Selby

On-going & Reallocated: New:
Full-time faculty:
Part-time faculty:
Lab Resources:
$ $
Library Resources:
$ $
$ $
$ $
Contract Services:
$ $
Goods & Services:
$ $
$ $

Are any of the new resources needed for Accreditation purposes? No

Submitted on:
Aug 09, 2019
Is this course part of the academic program assessment?

Position Status Date Note
Department Chair (1) approved Aug 12, 2019
College Curriculum Chair (2) denied Aug 21, 2019 This course is approved pending the following changes (and re-submission): 1) Revise instructors section to remove "of Art" and s ... more
Department Chair (1) approved Aug 22, 2019
College Curriculum Chair (2) approved Aug 22, 2019
College Dean (3) approved Aug 22, 2019
Academic Affairs Chair (6) approved Sep 14, 2019 approved
Faculty Senate Chair (7) approved Oct 4, 2019

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