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Talbot Selby
Form Start Date
Aug 15, 2019
Form Type
Proposal For Change(s) In An Undergraduate Program (B)
Form ID
Form Submitted Date
Aug 15, 2019

Form Steps:

Submitted on:
Aug 15, 2019
Submitted by:
Talbot Selby
For Program (name):
Art Studio
and Degree:
Bachelor of Arts
College of:
Humanities & Fine Arts
Department of:
Visual Arts
Date change is to be effective:
Fall 2020

Submitted on:
Aug 15, 2019
Changes proposed for:

Submitted on:
Aug 15, 2019
*** Type of Changes Selected ***
Removal of Courses from Program (Course prefix and number):
ARTS 297; ARTH 250
Catalog Description:
Proposed catalog description as it is to appear in the CCU Catalog:

Submitted on:
Aug 15, 2019
Are you removing the course from the catalog?

Submitted on:
Aug 15, 2019
What research has led to this request?
1) ARTH 250 has a staffing problem. Removing this from the BA will allow our Art History faculty to teach to their major and to the proposed BFA students. 2) ARTS 297 is being phased out of our assessment and a new portfolio assessment has been developed. This will begin fall 2020. The BFA in Visual Art will have a separate portfolio review as well.
What impact will this request have on existing academic programs?
1) Removing ARTH 250 as a requirement will allow more flexibility in the art history curriculum for both the faculty and students. 2) Removing ARTS 297 will allow the foundations coordinator to focus on other classes in the foundations curriculum.
What financial costs are associated with this request?
If NO change in cost is anticipated, how is this possible?
Neither course has a lab fee and faculty will be redirected to other courses in the program.
Additional Information
Additional Attachment:

Position Status Date Note
Department Chair (1) approved Aug 15, 2019
College Curriculum Chair (2) approved Aug 21, 2019
College Dean (3) approved Aug 21, 2019
Academic Affairs Chair (6) approved Sep 14, 2019 approved
Faculty Senate Chair (7) approved Oct 4, 2019

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