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Faculty Opportunities

Strategies for Coastal Carolina University Faculty to Broaden Their Global Reach

Health & Safety Abroad

The health and safety of CCU's campus community is most critical.  While the security of any location (at home or abroad) cannot be guaranteed, CCU makes every effort to provide a supportive structure to prevent crisis through preparation activities, and to be able to respond comprehensively and quickly in case of an emerging issue. All CCU faculty, staff and students traveling on behalf of the university must be covered by our insurance that covers medical costs abroad, repatriation and death benefits, and emergency evacuation. Moreover, CCU faculty are covered by a general liability policy while acting in their university roles abroad. We also encourage faculty to register with the Department of State STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program) before traveling abroad. Fore more detailed information and links to other useful resources, please visit Health and Safety for Education Abroad.

Want to Travel Abroad with CCU Students?

  • Submit a proposal to lead a dynamic short-term faculty-led study abroad program. Programs offer one or more CCU courses being offered on a study program lasting from one week to five weeks long by two or more CCU faculty in locations around the world. There is one cycle of approval and recruitment annually. For this year's offerings, please click here. For details, materials, and timeline on how to submit a proposal for a program, click here.
  • Take CCU students abroad to a competition, research site, or conference.  Conference travel, academic or athletic competition, or research opportunities abroad may arise that support our students’ development and advance research, academic and/or athletic development. Please note that effective in 2022/23, all such travel events must be reported to the Office of the Associate Provost for Global Initiatives to enable effective support and information provision for faculty and students involved.

Want to Develop/Participate in an Alumni & Community International Travel Program?

If you are interested in developing through your department an international alumni and community travel experience, please reach out to Associate Provost Domke-Damonte (ddamonte@coastal.edu) for how to get started.

Bringing International Visitors to Campus

You are requested to notify the office of the Associate Provost for Global Initiatives if you are hosting international visitors for two reasons: (1) we want to celebrate their engagement on our campus with you and your department; and (2) we want to partner with you to assure effective and consistent welcome of all international visitors to campus. We can also help support organization of arrangements for these visitors.

Share your International Engagement

Please share your international engagement and efforts! As a new initiative in 2016-17, in support of Goal 5 of the new strategic plan to tell the CCU story, we are piloting a sharing link on which we would ask you to share your involvement in international research, international publication, grant receipt, conference involvement, hosting of international visitors, topics and/or outreach through classes, etc. so that we can better elevate the level of outreach internationally at CCU. Please visit Our International Involvement to see the stories shared to date and to report yours.

Advocate for Education Abroad!  

Semester and Year-long Education Abroad Programs

Help us to encourage all CCU students to pursue career and personal enrichment opportunities through semester and year-long education abroad programs. We work collaboratively faculty colleagues to advance a long-term education abroad options for students from all departments by developing and/or expanding partnerships with universities around the world. Allow us to share information about international partners whose academic expertise can add value to the experiences and skills you want for the students in your major!

  • CCU has a range of semester and year-long education abroad options spanning across five continents through direct exchange relationships. We also offer options through third-party providers to increase students' access to a broader range of study, research and service-learning programs abroad. For more information and application deadlines, please visit the Education Abroad website.
  • In many cases, CCU students can pay in-state tuition rates to participate in semester and year-long education abroad programs through our direct exchange partner institutions.
  • The Education Abroad Expo, general information sessions and classroom announcements are organized each semester to teach students about the international opportunities available to them at Coastal.
  • In 2016, a survey of students' interest in education abroad emphasized the importance of faculty encouragement, citing instructors' announcements in class as the single most important way they receive information about education abroad options. We thank you for your partnership in this effort to inform our community!

International Internships

In the past few years, the range of CCU-approved international internships has expanded significantly. Please visit the website or contact Robert Bulsza in the Career Services Center to explore options for students in your college.

Short-term Faculty-led Education Abroad Programs

Lead students abroad through one of our faculty-led programs! To learn more about the proposal deadline and process, please contact Dr. Whitney Morris, Director of Education Abroad.

Want to Set up a New (or Modify an Existing) Institutional Agreements with International Partner Universities, Research Partners or Other Institutions?

Please contact Associate Provost Darla Domke-Damonte, if you are considering a collaboration with a new international partner to further your professional and departmental goals. Dr. Domke-Damonte will work with you to develop the agreement and process it for approval through appropriate administrative channels. Success stories include a partnership with Russian State Social University (Moscow, Russia) to work on collaborative book projects; a practical training site cooperation with Accademia dell'Arte (Arezzo, Italy) for Physical Theatre; and transfer articulation/double degree programs in graphic design, computer science, and business with institutions in China.

CCU-sponsored International Faculty Mobility Programs

International Prestige Scholar Programs

  • Faculty are encouraged to participate both as an applicant and as a mentor to students/fellow faculty. If you are aware of other prestige scholar programs, please share!
  • A mentoring circle was formed in collaboration with local Rotary clubs to advance talented CCU student applications for Rotary Global Grants. Interested faculty are welcome to participate (Spring and Summer). Please contact Associate Provost Darla Domke-Damonte for more information.

International Visiting Lecturer Program– This program, which provides opportunities for CCU departments to request short-term scholars from abroad to teach for ½ semester or a full semester International Visiting Lecturer Information and Application with a limited stipend from CCU will continue. Scholars must meet all eligibility criteria to teach at CCU and a limited number of spaces are available. Applications are available on the CCU Forms page (under International Programs/Global Initiatives). The next deadlines to apply by departments for the upcoming year are:

  • February 15 annually: To host a visiting lecturer for upcoming Fall or priority for following Spring semesters
  • October 15 annually: To host a visiting lecturer for upcoming Spring and/or priority for following Fall semesters

International Visiting Scholar Program Information and Application

In support of international research cooperation and assuring compliance with federal immigration regulations, this program allows departments to invite (and/or external scholars to request approval for hosting) an international scholar to complete research work on CCU’s campus over a specified time period. Requests are received throughout the year, and the request form is available on the CCU Forms page. In most cases, scholars are expected to cover their own expenses unless the hosting department is offering CCU funds in support of the scholar, which must be explicitly described.

Faculty Peer Mentoring Program for Education Abroad

This initiative was established to support the professional development of faculty who are exceptionally prepared to travel abroad with CCU students and administer international programs that add value to the college experience. Beneficiaries of the Faculty Peer Mentoring Program are CCU instructors who have an interest in designing and leading a short-term education abroad program but either a) lack on-site experience in the host country/countries to which they want to travel and/or b) lack experience leading student groups abroad with Coastal Carolina University. Information about applying to become a mentee is available on the CCU Forms page.

@Chinese Campus Teaching Opportunity Information and Application

Limited opportunities are available for CCU faculty to teach for one month in China. Participants receive visa coverage, insurance, airfare, lodging, a stipend of $400 and a modest living stipend. Faculty at all ranks are eligible to apply, and applications should be submitted to the Center for Global Engagement by the established deadline. Program information and application materials can be found by visiting @ Chinese Campus Teaching Opportunity Information and Application - 2017. If you have questions, please email Associate Provost Darla Domke-Damonte or call (843) 349-2129.

Other Institutional Programs

International Education Week - Every year in November, the U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of State set aside a week to help focus on awareness of other cultures and institutional settings. This year, the dates will be November 12-16, 2018. Please share with us opportunities of which you are aware (events, presentations, etc.) that would be open to the community.

General Travel Assistance

We welcome the opportunity to visit with you about your potential or impending travel abroad to assure that you have appropriate documentation, international insurance, visa support, enrollment through STEP (the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program for U.S. citizens), access to available resources for safety and security, etc.  

Apply for your passport with CCU Mail Services! CCU's on-campus post office became a Passport Acceptance Facility, allowing faculty, staff and students to complete their necessary passport paperwork at a convenient location. CCU Mail Services accepts passport paperwork by appointment only. At this time, they are only able to process applications for faculty, staff and students. Please visit the Mail Services website for passport acceptance hours, or call (843) 349-2156.

CCU Fulbright Council

The CCU Fulbright Council was formed in Spring 2016. All are welcome to join. The Council promotes Fulbright events on campus, and members encourage and mentor faculty as well as student applications for Fulbright grants. More than 17 current CCU faculty are Fulbrighters plus 6 CCU students were mentored through the application process during the 2017-18 cycle. Read CCU faculty member Casey Woodling's blog about his Fulbright in Madagascar (November 2016–July 2017). The AHGEP (Arts and Humanities Global Experience Program) at CCU welcomed our first Fulbright Outreach Lecturers in Spring 2016. If you would like to consider bringing Outreach Lecturing Fund scholars to Coastal, please review the Fulbright website, and share your ideas with Associate Provost Darla Domke-Damonte.

External Sources of Funding and Faculty Development Abroad

CIEE International Faculty Development Seminars, Support

The Council for International Educational Exchange offers multiple opportunities to support faculty involvement including:

International Faculty Development Seminars: Provide academic focus workshops around the world to incorporate global views into course content, create new courses and/or build partnerships with colleagues in your discipline for academic enrichment. Very affordable seminars (usually between $2,450 and $4,400) for a 10-day program. Scholarships/grants are available.

CIEE Visiting Guest Lecturer Program: Guest lecturerships at one of its four Global Institutes are available for Fall, Spring and Summer terms.

China, Japan Studies Institutes

China Studies Institute (CSI),  Dates: June 8-28, 2019
Application Deadline: December 22, 2018

The China Studies Institute (CSI) [Zhi-Xing China Academic Leaders Fellowship Program] is a three week program held in China.  CSI allows AASCU faculty members without prior experience in Chinese studies to learn from scholars, business leaders, and education administrators about Chinese civilization, history, language, business and education in Shanghai, Xian and Beijing.  The Institute encourages participants to develop strategies for incorporating Chinese studies into courses on their campuses. The Institute involves three weeks of intensive seminars, lectures, readings, and cultural activities related to Chinese history, culture, literature, government, business, language and education. Institute faculty will include scholars, administrators, representatives from the local Chinese community, and government officials.  CSI fellowship grants are available to cover most of the costs of the Institute for each participant.

To register or for more specific information, visit: http://www.aascu.org/programs/CSI or contact Sufei Li by email at lis@aascu.org, or by calling 571.594.6668.

Japan Studies Institute (JSI),  Dates: June 3-16, 2019
Application Deadline: February 28, 2019

The Japan Studies Institute (JSI) offers AASCU faculty members without prior experience in Japanese studies to learn from scholars, business leaders, artists and journalists about Japan, both past and present. The two week institute, located on the campus of San Diego State university, encourages participants to develop strategies for incorporating Japanese studies into courses on their campuses. The Institute involves intensive seminars, lectures, readings, films, and cultural activities related to Japanese history, culture, literature, government, business, language and education. Previous programs have included topics as diverse as wartime and occupation Japan, social relations and the changing role of women in Japan, Japanese foreign policy and regional relations, classical music, ikebana, calligraphy, survival Japanese, Japanese film in the classroom, and philosophical and religious traditions in Japan. The formal program is complemented by a number of off-campus and evening activities. Institute faculty will include scholars, representatives from the local Japanese community, artists, journalists, and government officials.  Most of the costs of the JSI are covered by a grant from the Japan Studies Institute endowment.

To register or for more specific information, visit: http://www.aascu.org/programs/JSI/ or contact Jody Dixon by email at dixonj@aascu.org, or by calling 202.478.7814.

AsiaNetwork Faculty Enhancement and Other Programs


Multiple programs are available. Seminars and research study grants are available, and programs that support faculty learning about an area about which they have no background. Deadlines vary.

Do you have ideas for new initiatives with potential for raising global awareness about Coastal Carolina University, bringing international students to campus and/or increasing the global awareness of our CCU community? Please share your ideas and/or requests with Associate Provost Darla Domke-Damonte.