Faculty-Led Short-Term Study Abroad Programs - Coastal Carolina University
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Faculty-led Short-term Study Abroad Programs

  • Faculty Study Abroad Program Guide - This guide provides background and step-by-step guidelines for faculty interested in developing and leading study abroad programs and will now be housed on the CCU FORMS page.
  • Short-term Study Abroad Program Support - The Center for Global Engagement coordinates the review of new and ongoing programs in cooperation with the International Programs Committee of Faculty Senate and handles advertising, centralized online application process, and (for some programs) budget management for study abroad programs, making the faculty member's job a little easier and providing university-wide promotional programming each fall for all short-term study abroad programs.
  • Short-term Study Abroad Program Development Cycle - Each year the Center for Global Engagement and the International Programs Committee of Faculty Senate welcome new applications and ongoing programs for providing short-term study abroad programs for CCU students. Additional meeting times and workshops are organized to help faculty in their development of these programs, as well as ongoing coaching. These sessions are offered through CeTEAL beginning in October so please check that schedule for the next training session.

Key deadlines for short-term faculty-led programs:

For Faculty:

October 2021
CeTEAL Writing Circle for Study Abroad Development (register online).

January 2022                               
Deadline for department chairs to receive notification of faculty-member interest in developing a proposal

January 2022                                     
CeTEAL Writing Circles Study Abroad Program Development Workshop

February 2022                               
Deadline for having a meeting with Dr. Whitney Morris to confirm intent to submit a proposal

February 2022                            
Deadline for submission of the complete short-term study abroad proposal with budget to department chairs and deans

March 2022
Complete program applications are due in the OIPS including all required signatures in paper copy and as well as an electronic copy in WORD

April 2022                                    
Review cycle through International Programs Committee, Associate Provost and Provost

April 2022                                    
Communication to faculty leaders about proposals

April 2022                                     
First meeting with all 2022/23 faculty leaders

Key student deadlines for 2022/23:

    • Deadline to apply for short-term faculty-led study abroad program is October 27, 2022
    • Deadline to apply for scholarship for short-term study abroad program is October 29, 2022