Return to Travel - Domestic and International Research - Coastal Carolina University
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Return to Travel - Research by Faculty or Staff Members (with our without Students)

Travel sponsored by Coastal Carolina University for research (both international and domestic overnight) may be resumed immediately on a case-by-case basis, pending financial resource availability and approval by the respective Executive Council member immediately (as of March 16, 2021).

The procedures below will help travelers and departments to facilitate this process, and expectations of all travelers (domestic and international) are provided for reference, along with links to resources that may be of assistance as you plan your travel.

For questions related to Research Resumption, please contact Dr. Robert Young (

For questions related to international travel involving research, please contact Dr. Darla Domke-Damonte (

For other travel resumption guidelines, please reach out to the links at the bottom of this webpage.


  • Complete the Research Resumption Plan and submit it for review using the processes outlined.
    • If travel request involves activities that are being set up and organized by Coastal Carolina University, then also follow the process for requesting activities/meetings/events by putting the date/time/activity into 25Live Pro and answering the questions in that system. The Activities, Events, and Experiences Screening Committee will review the event to determine if it is permissible under current CCU guidelines. If travel request involves attending activities that are solely organized by other organizations, no posting in 25Live is needed.
    • If domestic travel, the Office of Graduate Studies and Research will coordinate review, per the Research Resumption protocol.
    • If international travel, route the document to the Center for Global Engagement ( to coordinate review as appropriate with the Travel Advisory group to evaluate risks and sign off on approve, deny, or hold before the request will go to the Executive Council member for final decision. For information about this process and what is considered by the Center for Global Engagement and Travel Advisory Group, please see International Travel Support.
  • Upon approval, the Research Resumption Plan signed up through the Executive Council member should be attached to the Travel Authorization to support its completion (in lieu of the Travel Request Form required of all other travel).
  • Training, or other support for the respective travel will be communicated to the traveler.
  • Approved travelers (both domestic and international) will complete an Attestation of Vaccination or COVID-19 Test within 72-hours of departure for the approved travel and within 72 hours of return to campus.
  • If international travel, travelers will also complete the Request for International Travel Insurance and provide it to the Center for Global Engagement with the cost of coverage of $3/day included in the approved Travel Authorization. Coverage detail and exclusions of this insurance and other insurance available to support CCU travelers is provided at Insurance Coverage for CCU Travelers (Domestic and International). This process will allow them to registered with the travel registry to provide additional support while abroad. 
  • All travelers are encouraged to review the links below for more information about their destination, entry requirements, etc. as these can be anticipated to change regularly.

Travel that is approved during COVID-19 will carry the following expectations of and acknowledgements by travelers:

  • CCU strongly recommends that travelers get vaccinated against COVID-19 before travel. 
  • Travelers will be responsible for completing an attestation of either having been vaccinated or having taken a COVID-19 test with negative results within 72 hours of departure for the travel and to be tested within 72 of returning back to campus (unless they have been vaccinated against COVID within three months of travel or have tested positive for COVID-19 in the 90 days before travel). 
  • Travelers will commit to informing themselves and reviewing materials provided to them to support their information and preparation for travel to support their health, safety, and security.
  • Travelers will be responsible for complying with all return to work/campus directives in place at CCU at the time of return from travel.
  • Travelers understand that conditions continue to change, and they agree to comply with the updated guidance and requirements related to entry to or transit through the respective locations of their travel.
  • Travelers will commit to following COVID protocols as required by CCU, including wearing a mask, maintaining social distance where possible, frequent hand sanitation, and avoiding crowds, pre-departure training (if and as required), as well as any additional guidance as noted by the locations through which and to which they are traveling to minimize the risk of COVID-19 spread to themselves and others.  
  • Travelers acknowledge that CCU will continue to review conditions for each location, including whether permission to enter the country is presently available in determining whether to approve, when to approve, and when to move to make adjustments, up to and including cancellation.
  • Travelers acknowledge that CCU may cancel the approved travel at any time up to departure, or while underway, should CCU determine that it is in the best interest of the university to cancel, recall, or suspend travel for any reason.