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CCU Stands with Ukraine

Join us in initiatives to share support for and send resources to help in Ukraine!

On March 4, 2022, Coastal Carolina University issued a statement to the campus community condemning the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. As President Benson noted, “Images of the burgeoning humanitarian crisis caused by this senseless attack and destruction that we’ve witnessed have been deeply troubling to our campus, our nation, and the world. Teal Nation includes students, faculty, staff, and alumni with close ties to Ukraine, Russia, and their bordering countries. They have loved ones who are likely in harm’s way. Our thoughts are with each of them and their families.” 

Now we ask for your participation in support of Ukraine!  There are many ways you can get involved!

(1) Stop by the LJSU Rotunda to write your Message of Hope for Ukraine - we will be posting these messages on the glass walls outside CHANT 411!  

(2) Donate medical supplies for humanitarian aid by dropping them off in LJSU A109 between March 16 - March 30, 2022 to be shipped to Ukraine.  Please see the list of items needed at We will focus on materials such as bandaids, safety pins, bandaging materials, neosporin, tweezers, pain relievers, etc. all in new condition and in original packaging.  We will be packing and shipping them to Ukraine by air for distribution to aid groups on the ground there through MEEST, a reputable sender of aid to on-ground organizations directly in Ukraine. 
(3) Participate in our fundraiser through GoFundMe ( - opening soon for donations) to both: (1) raise money to ship the humanitarian supplies we collect to agencies within Ukraine; and (2) provide a direct donation of the remaining funds to Sunflowers of Peace which provides assistance to organizations and individuals in Ukraine.
Hear from Viktoriia Shoemaker, one of our students who is from Ukraine and who helped to identify activities we can take as a community to be of support!
Viktoriia Shoemaker, a current CCU Languages and Intercultural Studies major from Ukraine, shares her story below:
Hello, my name is Viktoriia Shoemaker, and I am an LIS student here at CCU. I was born and raised in the beautiful country of Ukraine where my parents and family are still residing. I get to go visit Ukraine once a year, and every time I go I get to share a lot of excitement, laughter, and memories with my family and friends.
My hometown Kryvyi Rih is the longest city in Europe, and most importantly, it is my home. I was told from my childhood that this is the place where I can always come back no matter where I end up in life. On February 24th, 2022, I woke up to my father's text message, "The war has started." and I refused to believe it until I got to call him. Ever since that Thursday (the worst Thursday of my life), I am constantly reminded that there is no promise that my home country will be there the next time I go home, and what will "home" mean then?... I totally reevaluated my everyday troubles and worries which now seem so trivial. Every morning I keep hoping for better news from Ukraine and for a text from my dad that we won the war, but unfortunately, I am just constantly feeling stuck in a nightmare that I cannot wake up from.
Here I wanted to express my appreciation to all of the students and professors of CCU that reached out to me and sent prayers to my family. I also want to say thank you to Dr. Domke-Damonte for coordinating CCU's support program for Ukraine. For those willing to support the Ukrainian Army, as well as Ukrainian families affected by the Russian invasion, please consider looking through the ways you can personally help and donate supplies to the people of Ukraine through CCU here on this page. Please remember that any little donation will not only warm your heart but could also save someone's life.
Слава Україні! Glory to Ukraine!
Please join us in this effort!  Want more information?
Please reach out to Dr. Darla Domke-Damonte, Associate Provost for Global Initiatives, at or 843-349-2129 or to Mr. Harry Titus, Director of Off-Campus Student Services and Community Engagement, at or 843-349-2328.