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The CCU Fulbright Council

Meetings: The next meeting will be Wednesday, May 10 from 10 - 11am in LJSU A213.


The mission of the CCU Fulbright Council is to support Fulbright application and programming activities at CCU for students, faculty and staff as a part of enhancing the internationalization of our campus community. 


The CCU Fulbright Council is open to all CCU faculty and staff members who are interested in supporting Fulbright programming (for both/either students and faculty). All are invited to participate whether you have had a Fulbright, would like to get one, or would like to know more about how you can help encourage your students to apply for Fulbright grants!

Current Members of the CCU Fulbright Council

  • Stephanie Cassavaugh, Director, Sponsored Programs and Research
  • Megan Cevasco, Associate Professor, Biology
  • Subhajit Chakraborty, Assistant Professor, Management and Decision Sciences
  • Darla Domke-Damonte, Professor/Associate Provost for Global Initiatives
  • Ronald Green, Associate Professor, Philosophy & Religious Studies
  • Roi Gurka, Associate Professor,  School of Coastal and Marine Systems Science
  • Jeffry Halverson, Assistant Professor, Philosophy & Religious Studies
  • Angelos Hannides, Assistant Professor, Marine Science
  • William Hills, Professor, Psychology
  • Jack Hopkins, Lecturer, Marketing, Hospitality and Tourism Management
  • Patience L. Kotwa, Coordinator, Foreign Languages Instructional Center
  • Jennifer Maddox, Grants Coordinator
  • Pamela Martin, Professor, Politics & Geography
  • Maggi Morehouse, Professor, History
  • Geoffrey Parsons, Director, Office of International Programs and Services
  • Tripthi Pillai, Associate Professor, English
  • Paul Richardson, Professor, Chemistry/Physics
  • Sherer Royce, Associate Professor, Health Sciences
  • Michael Ruse, Associate Dean, Univesrity College /Director, University Honors Program
  • Emma Savage-Davis, Professor, Middle Grades, College of Education
  • Gary Schmidt, Professor/Chair, Languages and Intercultural Studies
  • Leslie Wallace, Assistant Professor, Visual Arts
  • Keith Walters, Professor, Marine Science
  • Casey Woodling, Lecturer, Philosophy & Religious Studies
  • Robert Young, Professor, Marine Science

Key Fulbright Programs

The main Fulbright programs are shown below:

  • Fulbright Student Program Information – Over 900 awards for research/study grants in over 140 countries and over 1,200 awards for English language teaching assistant positions in more than 75 countries are available annually.
  • Fulbright Faculty Program Information – Over 800 grants in more than 125 countries are awarded to U.S. faculty to participate in a variety of programs, such as the Core Fulbright Scholar Awards, International Administrator Awards, Fulbright Specialist Awards, Fulbright Global Scholar Award, or Fulbright Arctic Initiative Awards.
  • Fulbright-Hayes Group Projects Abroad Information  - Develop a group project around a specific theme and get partial support for its costs abroad.
  • Fulbright Outreach Lecturer Fund Information – Bring current international Fulbrighters in the USA to Coastal Carolina University for a short stay to enhance programming at CCU with transportation costs covered by Fulbright headquarters!

Critical Deadlines (Most recent or already publicized upcoming deadlines are noted below):

  • Faculty Fulbright Cycle Applications are Due: August 1, 2017
  • Student Fulbright Cycle Applications are Due (internal CCU deadline for mentoring, review, and on-campus screening interview): September 15, 2017
  • Student FINAL Deadline for National Submission (must have participated in the internal review process and screening): October 6, 2017 5:00 pm Eastern

Nominate a CCU Student to be mentored for a Fulbright Grant!

The CCU Fulbright Council will mentor CCU students interested in applying for a Fulbright grant.  To nominate a student who might benefit from participating in the student programs, please submit the student's name by clicking here.  We will follow up with all students nominated in early February and again late May to invite them to participate in the process.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Darla Domke-Damonte, Associate Provost for Global Initiatives
(Fulbright, 1989-91 Slovakia; Fulbright Group-Hayes Project - 2003 Poland), +1(843)349-2129

or stop by the Office of Global Initiatives in Lib Jackson Student Union, A109.