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Fulbright Student Programs

Fulbright Student Award Programs

More than 900 awards for research/study grants in more than 140 countries and more than 1,200 awards for English language teaching assistant positions in more than 75 countries are available annually through the US Student Fulbright Program.  All of these programs require at least a bachelor’s degree to apply, but students are urged to begin the process as early as their freshman year to target their applications effectively.  Over 10,000 applications are received annually, so CCU has adopted a mentoring program to help you craft a competitive application.

For more information about the different types of student Fulbright programs, what they support, where they operate, and how to apply, please review the program website.

When can I apply?

All Fulbright student grants require that you have completed at least a bachelor’s degree before the start of the grant (but most accept applications from anyone who is within five years of their bachelor’ degree graduation or who is involved in master’s degree or seeking to apply to one). You apply a year in advance of when you want to participate, but it is helpful to begin in earlier years to learn about the program and to begin to target your application.

Is there a maximum number of applicants CCU can move forward in the process?

No, we would like to see as many students as possible work through our mentoring process to develop very competitive applications.

Can I complete a graduate degree while on a Fulbright? 

In some cases yes.  Please take a look at the types of awards that includes a Graduate Degree Opportunities Chart that lists all countries that will allow applicants to undertake graduate degree enrollment as their primary Fulbright activity.  

First Steps to Fulbright

  1. Look at the description of a program information on this informational powerpoint.
  2. Talk with your faculty advisors and favorite professors to help define areas of interest for you to pursue.
  3. Reach out to the CCU Fulbright Program Advisor, Dr. Darla Domke-Damonte (ddamonte@coastal.edu), to inform her of your intention and discuss mentoring opportunities and deadlines.
  4. Review country requirements and look at webinars provided by the Institute of International Education to learn more about creating a clear and powerful application.
  5. Set up an online registration profile for yourself to familiarize yourself with the application materials needed. (This is the online registration link that you will upload all information.)
  6. Participate in the CCU mentoring circles for Fulbright application
  7. Give yourself plenty of time! In most cases for the research/study programs, you will need to secure a letter of affiliation from an institution in the country to which you are applying.
  8. Pay attention to deadlines as no late or incomplete applications are processed!
    • Start working on your application immediately (many universities abroad are closed in summer months and you may need to have information from them to apply).
    • September 17,2021: Your completed application MUST be ready by the CCU campus deadline of 5pm today. Your application will be reviewed by CCU Fulbright Council members and you will participate in a MANDATORY interview the following week. The Council will determine based on your application and interview whether to recommend your application to the national review process at that time.
    • September 22 and 23 from 4:00 - 7:30pm:  Fulbright Campus Committee Interviews (REQUIRED  - individual time in this block will be provided by email);
    • October 12, 2021 not later than 5pm Eastern Time: This is the national deadline at which time all applications must be fully completed. (You will work with Fulbright Program Advisor to get this completed to meet the deadline.)

Mentoring Circles

CCU’s Fulbright Council and Center for Global Engagement provide mentoring for CCU students working on Fulbright applications. It’s never too early to get started so come and learn more. Please contact Dr. Darla Domke-Damonte, the campus Fulbright Program Advisor, at ddamonte@coastal.edu) or check the schedule below to identify upcoming mentoring sessions.  You can also nominate yourself or a fellow student to participate in the Fulbright Council's mentoring program to help you craft a competitive application.  

Six students completed the process in Fall 2016, with Peter Seifarth awarded a research grant to Nepal, becoming CCU's first student Fulbright award winner. 

CCU Student Fulbright Award Winners

Peter Seifarth was awarded a Fulbright Student Grant for 2018/19 to work in Nepal.  To learn more about his grant experience, please click here.

Peter Seifarth - Theatre  - Research Grant - Nepal - 2018-2019

Michael Dorman - Philosophy - English Teaching Assistant - Belarus - 2019-2020


Other Resources to Help Me with My Application Fulbright Student Program Brochure

Check out the Webinars Provided by the Institute of International Education

Please be sure to participate in the free Information Sessions (fulbrightonline.org) that can help you determine your program, provide great tips for preparing your application, and working to identify a partnering institution (if needed).

Reach out to Fulbright Student Grant Ambassadors to learn about other students' experiences!