SC History Day Workshops - Coastal Carolina University
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South Carolina National History Day Workshops

Scheduled for Saturday, October 17, 2020.

The following sessions are available for students (and parents) who will be participating.

Category Session Details

Two sessions for each category
9:00-9:30 and 9:40-10:10


Special Session Details

Two sessions for each category
10:30-11:00 and 11:10-11:40

  • Parent 411: Adam Powley (Coastal Region Coordinator and History Teacher at Early College High School)
              10:30 a.m. Workshop with Adam Powley
                          Meeting ID: 820 8130 5440
                           Password: workshop
              11:10 a.m. Workshop with Adam Powley
                          Meeting ID: 894 8074 7634

                           Password: workshop
  • Research: Aneilya Barnes (CCU History Department) provides an overview of primary and secondary sources.
             10:30 a.m. Workshop with Dr. Barnes
             11:10 a.m. Workshop with Dr. Barnes
                          Meeting ID: 938 9014 0350

                           Password: HistoryDay
  • Internet Sources and Newspapers: Dr. Thomas Castillo (CCU History Dept.) discusses how to utilize primary sources.
             10:30 a.m. Workshop with Dr. Castillo
              11:10 a.m. Workshop with Dr. Castillo
                          Meeting ID: 949 2122 1566

                           Password: &VAtb&S5
  • Primary Sources: Dr. Jack Roper (CCU History Dept, and Emory & Henry College) reviews the best ways to evaluate primary sources
              10:30 a.m. Workshop with Dr. Roper
              11:10 a.m. Workshop with Dr. Roper 
    Go to Breakout Room PRIMARY SOURCES
                          Meeting ID: 922 5750 1549

                           Password: workshop


Drop-In Consultation Sessions

Representatives from these institutions will be available for drop-in consultations.

Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture
Aaisha Haykal, Georgette Mayo, and Erica Veal
  Meeting ID: 915 4525 7700
  Passcode: workshop
Horry County Museum
 - Walter Hill  
Go to Breakout Room HORRY MUSEUM
   Meeting ID: 922 5750 1549
   Passcode: workshop
South Carolina Department of History & Archives
Steve Tuttle 
Go to Breakout Room DEPT OF HISTORY
  Meeting ID: 922 5750 1549
  Passcode: workshop

South Carolina Historical Society
 - Molly Silliman
   Meeting ID: 986 8702 6450
   Passcode: workshop

University of South Carolina 
- Ann Abney 
Go to Breakout Room USC RESOURCES
  Meeting ID: 922 5750 1549
  Passcode: TBA

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