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The Honors Thesis

Each student in the Honors College is required to complete a capstone thesis paper or project. The creation of this work is the culmination of their undergraduate educational experience.   Completion of such a project focuses student interests, provides perspective in their chosen major, develops basic scholarly skills, fosters creativity and independent effort, and brings the educational experiences together in a way that other academic projects do not. In addition to independent work, the project also involves close associations between the student and faculty members, particularly with the faculty mentor supervising the research work. Such sustained interaction contributes greatly to the overall quality of the experience.

The Honors College supports creativity in honors theses. An honors thesis can take the form of a traditional research or scholarly paper, or it could be an artistic portfolio, a creative writing project, a live performance, an innovative curriculum, or a substantial service project. While the honors thesis is often completed as a part of the student’s major, students are free to find a mentor and complete a thesis outside their major as well. Interdisciplinary projects are especially encouraged.

Whether the Honors student elects to complete the Honors Thesis in their major capstone or as part of another course, they must be registered for it as an Honors course. If the course is not already listed as an honors course, the instructor, who will serve as the thesis mentor, should request that the course be an honors course by submitting the syllabus using the submission form below.

All Honors College theses are now submitted by the faculty mentor and archived in the Kimbel Library’s Digital Commons.

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