HTC Scholars Program - Coastal Carolina University
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HTC Scholars Program

Funding for Honors Projects and Travel

The HTC Honors College offers students the opportunity to apply for funding to support their Honors experience, through the HTC Scholars program. The HTC Scholars program provides funding assistance for:

  • Supplies for projects in Honors courses and/or Honors thesis/capstone projects
  • Travel to conferences to present Honors research.
  • Study Abroad Programs

Eligibility Requirements:

Students applying for HTC Scholars funding should be in good standing in the Honors College. Students must meet the minimum GPA requirements and be on track to finish their required number of Honors credits by graduation.

Application Procedure:

Students interested in funding for Short-Term Study Abroad programs should apply through the Center for Global Engagement, during the application process for a study abroad program. Students interested in funding for semester-long study abroad programs should use this application.

For all other projects and/or travel, students should apply via the link below. Students should prepare the following materials in Word or (preferably) PDF formats:

  • A short proposal or description of the project and/or travel and how it relates to their Honors experience. Larger requests will require, of course, more detail.
  • A budget that details the cost of the project and what other sources of funding are available (i.e. if the department or college is splitting the expense). We ask that deparemtents split the cost of conference travel, except in unusual circumstances. Budget requests can range from less than $50 for small projects to more than $500 for projects that impact more than one Honors student.
  • When requesting money for conference travel, a detailed breakdown of the proposed travel costs should be provided. Students must be accompanied to conferences by a faculty member.
  • A short written note of support from the supervising faculty member.

The form will allow you to submit up to three documents.    

Application Deadlines:

Priority consideration will be given to applications received by each semester’s deadline.

For Projects and Travel in:                Deadline:
Fall semester                                       September 15
Spring Semester                                  February 15
Summer                                               May 1

Post-Award Report:

After the project or travel, HTC Scholars are required to write a short reflective report about their experience and submit it to the Honors College office.