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Honors Theses 2009-present

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Marinda Cornett, "Use of first pelvic, second pelvic, and fourth anal rays for estimating age of Muskellunge (Esox masquinongy)"

Kyra Harrington‌, "Abundance and Distribution of Microplastic Particles in Winyah Bay, S.C."

Dillon King, "Effects of temprature on activity of aquatic hyphomycetes: a microcosm study" 

Malarie O'Brien, "A Multibeam Bathymetric Investigation of Changes in Bedform Morphology of the Little River Inlet as a Result of Hurricane Matthew 2017"

Dale Robinson, "The Fourth Crusade: An Analysis of Sacred Duty (2016)"


Brooke Anderson, "Was 2015 the Summer of the Shark? Evidence from the Coastal Carolina University Shark Project"

Danielle Hennessy, "Fan Perceptions of Selling Alcoholic Beverages at a College Football Stadium"

Jourdan Lakes, "Development of a [2]-Catenane Synthetic Method and a Student Beliefs Survey for a Hybrid Organometallics Course"

Brock Matava, "Managing a Crisis: Should America Continue to Encourage Its Youth to Participate in Football Given Recent Findings on Player Safety and Concussions?"

Eric Robles, "Learning and Memory in a Drosophila melanogaster Model of Alzheimer's Disease" 

Steven Rosen, "Collective Prey Capture by Juvenile Venus Flytraps (Dionaea muscipula)"


John Emory Hooks, "The Imagined Southern Setting of Cormac McCarthy's The Road"

Courtney Mullis, "Unlikely Heroes in Despair: Existentialist Narrators in the Novels of Albert Camus, Jean Paul Sartre, and Don DeLillo"

Brian Nguyen, "Blooming Lotus"


Nathalie Arnone, "The Relocation of Laurel Hill Plantation Rice Barges in the Waccamaw River, SC, Using Multibeam Echosounding"

Jessica Bruce, "A Survey of Shark Population in Winyah Bay, SC: A Comparison of Data from 2002-2006 and from 2012-2014"

Brooke Clark, "(Un)Wrapping Felix Gonzalez-Torres: The Relational Power and Contagious Wonderment of Candy and Other Things"

Hannah Hunter, "Beyond Marriage and Motherhood: The Motifs Involved in the Portrayal of Women in Literature" 

Kayla Jordan, "The Effect of Attachment Type on Levels of Delinquency and Peer Relations

Alysha McGrath, "A Study of Pet Bonding, Interpersonal Trust, and Helping Attitudes as a Function of Gender and Pet Ownership"

Brandon Reilly, "The Ties That Bind: Candidate Appearance and Party Heuristics"

Aaron Smith, "Applying the Poincaré Recurrence Theorem to Billiards"

Ashleigh "Alex" Watson, "How Does the Amount of Spending on Coaches' Salaries and Recruiting Budgets Affect Win Percentage in College Football?"

Austin Willmore, "The Implication of US GAAP and IFRS Convergence on American Business"


Lauren Alejo, "Alzheimer's Disease and Circadian Rhythms in a Drosophila Model" 

Mary Anderson, "Effectiveness of Gaming Systems on Balance in Older Individuals"

Hillary K. Ballantine, "The Importance of Isolated Wetlands as Habitat for Rare and Endangered Species in Comparison to Riparian Wetlands"

Romie Barnes, "The Investigation of Risk Factors for Upper Respiratory Infections Among College Students"

Emily Barrow, "Sexual Assault and SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners) in Our Community"  

Rebecca Coburn, "Abuse of Spice, Bath Salts, and Steroids" 

Courtney Elliton, "Interpretation of Biological Activity Using an Acoustic Backscatter Sensor (ABS)"

Keenen Fryman, "Shark Community Structure in Winyah Bay, SC"

Rachel Goff, "How Does Climate Change Affect Coral Reefs?"

Holly Hajnal, "Speech and Language Interventions" 

Brittany Higdon, "What Variables Affect the United States' Decisions on the Level of Involvement During an International Crisis?"

Chanler Hilley, "Understanding the Motivational Factors for College Students to Remain Non-Smokers" 

Ana Maria Lavado, "The Magic of Books: A History of Medieval Magic and Literature"

Taylor Lewis, "Prevention of Increasing Burnout Levels Among Physicians of Different Specialties and Doctoral Degrees"

Emily Marchini, "Prey Capture in Response to Removing Cilia from Venus Flytraps"

Amber Martin, "Functional Response of Venus Flytraps (Dionaea Muscipula)"

Wylee McGeevy, "Catching Companies Who Refuse to Go Green Red-Handed"

Leslie Miller, "Founding Clown Town: Applying Classical Methods to Devise New Works"

Duncan Perry, "Cleft Lip and Palate Repair: Bridging the Gap Between Genetics and Oral Health: An Individual Case Study"

Kayla Smith, "Characteristics and Effects of Muscular Dystrophy in Broiler Chickens"

Maeve Snyder, "Seed Bank Study of the Effect of Land Use on Vegetation Diversity in Carolina Bays"

Stephanie Taylor, "Female Division I Cross Country Runners: Is Balance an Issue?"


Lauren Albrittain, "Influence of Tidal Cycles on Movements of Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops Truncatus) in South Carolina Coastal Environments"

Jacob Beaver, "The Influence of Ubiquitin-Related Modifier Protein URM1 on Prion Formation"

Jessica Benchley, "Age Predicted Heart Rate Max Equations in College-Aged Students"

Laney Benson, "A Performance Perspective: "Un'Aura Amorosa" from Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte"

Jessica Bucci, "Mergers and Acquisitions in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in the Health Care Industry: The Effect of Regulations on Merger and Acquisition Success"

Michelle Carreon, "Daring to Dream"

Caitlin Carroll, "Assessment of Balance in Collegiate Cheerleaders: Is Implementing a Balance Training Program a Good Idea?"

Abigal Carson, "Integrating Science & Policy"

Amber Ciemniewski, "The Failures of Intelligence Reform"

Jessica Cinardo, "Male and Female Differences in Communicating Conflict"

Janna Cole, "Investigating the Role of Online Social Media in Consumer-Firm Relationships"

Caryn Cortez, "Tengo Cara de Ladron 'Do I Have the Face of a Thief': An Investigative Study of Stereotypes and Racism in Ecuador"

Tiffani Cosson, "Perceptions of Walt Disney World: Antecedents to Return Visits"

Kirsten Costello, "Can the Demand Problem Be Fixed? The Effect of Economic Crisis on the Lodging Sector of the Tourism Industry"

Kevin Crowley, "Co-Crystallization and Polymorphism of Naturally Occuring Peptide Derivatives"

Kelsey Couch, "The Effects of Significant Rainfall Events on Surface Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations Off the Coast of Long Bay in South Carolina" 

Christina Damore, "What Impact Does Cause-Related Marketing Have on Professional Sports Teams?"

Constance Darlington, "The Effect of the Female Athlete Triad on Performance: Both Physiologically and Psychologically" 

Laura DeCrane, "Who Is Still Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?"

Lynsey Deudne, "Nicotine-Induced Neuroprotection in Drosophila Models of Parkinson's Disease"

Kate Dowling, "Nutrition Knowledge of Division I Tennis and Cross-Country Collegiate Athletes at Coastal Carolina University"

Jacob Downey, "Comparing Historical and Implied Volatility for a Silver Electronically Traded Fund Between Months of High and Low Returns"

Taylor Epley, "Analysis of the Response of a Bromeliad, Vriesea Gigantea, Subjected to Drought" 

Heather Estep, "Population Structure of Tursiops Truncatus in North Inlet, South Carolina and Use of Inlet as a Nursery Ground"

Taylor Eubanks, "9/11 and the Butterfly Effect"

Mary Ewen, ""If You Build It, They Will Come": The Positive Economic Impacts of NFL Stadiums in Their Surrounding Cities"

Thomas Fernandez, "Education, Employment, and Coastal Carolina University: What Are CCU Students' Plans After Graduation?"

Brittany Gaillard, "Effects of Menstruation on Women's Likeliness to Forgive"

Zachary Grant, "Petro-Politics in Venezuela"

Lauren Haller, "Lessons Not Learned: Deepwater Horizon Research and Media Coverage Exposes Gaps in Knowledge and Risky Protocol Within the Oil Industry"

Brian Harrison, "Attending College Influences the Perception of Parenting More Than Young Adults or Students That Do Not Attend College"

Kaitlyn Hofeldt, "Countries' Involvement in Whaling and the Impacts on their Tourism Industries"

Dylan Houston, "Investigating Volatility Trends of Silver Through an Analysis of Stock Options Prices" 

Whitney Hucks, "U.S. Progress Toward IFRS"

Jessica Humenik, "Selectivity of Prey Capture Based on Prey Size in the Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea Muscipula Ellis)"

Dea Kamberaj, "Female Students' Clothing Styles and their Effect on Perceived Intelligence by College Professors" 

Shannon Kelly, "Effects of Human BMP-2 on Trans-Differentiation of Myoblast Cells and Human Rhabdomysosarcoma Using an in Vitro Model System" 

Kevin Kern, "Multimessenger Astronomy: Modeling Gravitational and Electromagnetic Radiation from a Stellar Binary System"

Jessica Kisabeth, "Timing and Intensity of Crassostrea Virginica Settlement in North Inlet and Dunn Sound, South Carolina"

AJ Kuznitz, "Professional Sports Teams and their Local Economic Impact"

Jacqueline Leake, "Title IX Compliance: A Comparison of Division I Equality"

Robert Louder, "Photocatalytic Activity of Zinc Oxide Thin Films Prepared by DC Sputter Deposition and Thermal Oxidation" 

Sean Manahan, "Westernization and Muslims in Western Europe"

Alyssa Markowitz, "An Analysis of the Dietary Behavior of Coastal Carolina University's NCAA Division I Student-Athletes"

Kaitlin O'Toole, "Of Mice and Mozart: Testing Spatial Reasoning and Memory of Rats"

Ly Luu Pham, "Outsourcing: More Harm than Good"

Angela Pilson, "Western Culture and the Spread of Serial Murder" 

Marissa Polascak, "'A Woman Is a Dish for the Gods': Shakespeare's Use of Myth to Criticize Patriarchy"

Shayne Reddington, "The Smartest "Guise" in the Room: Why America is Doomed to Repeat an Enron-Like Scandal"

Lisa Richardson, "Golf: An Alternative Form of Physical Activity of an Aging Population"

Rebecca Ringrose, "Twenty-First Century Learning: Is Project Based Learning the Learning of the Future?"

Jordan Rutherford, "Quantifying Acclumation Levels of Mimus Polyglottos in the Presence of People" 

Melissa Sabbagh, "The Involvement of 26S Proteasome Complex in Selenium Toxicity"

Lorna Scribner, "The Debate on Marine Mammals in Captivity" 

Kamber Seay, "Feminine Framing: Framing Theory and the Media's Portrayal of Female Athletes" 

Sarah Sexton, "Well-Balanced Finite-Difference Methods for the Shallow-Water Wave Equations on Non-Uniform Cartesian Grids" 

Mary Sheehy, "Challenging the Ideal: A Comparative Study of Suzanne Valadon and William Bourguereau"

Rebecca Shaver, "Emerging Media in 18th Century Literature: How Jane Austen Invented Facebook"

Christen Shelley, "A Study of the Relationship Between Student Attitudes Toward Reading and Achievement in Reading in Fifth-Grade Students" 

Zachary Smith, "Seasonal Changes in the Sex Rations of Crassostrea Virginica Populations in South Carolina Estuaries" 

Hillary Sparagna, "Potential Changes to the Cubitt Creek System After Dredging"

Hoelle Teramani, "Are Non-Core Curriculum Classes Important in an Elementary Student's Life?"

Rebekah Thomas, "The Evolution of the Status of Women in Korea: Colonial Times to the Present"

Mason Truluck, "Differences in Food Availability for Venus Flytraps in Resident and Restored Populations" 

E. Patrick Vallentine, "Effects of Selenium on the Freshwater Alga Chlamydomonas Reinhardtii and Without the Proteasome Inhibitor MG132"

Desmond Wallace, "Midterm Elections Used to Gauge President's Reelection Chances" 

Jacob Watts, "One Art with Two Sides: Theatre and Performance Art" 

Stephanie Wehrung, "The Effects of IFRS Convergence on Coastal Carolina University Accounting Major Students"

Carrie Wein, "Effects of "Ultrasound" on Completion of Cognitive Tasks in Relation to Dolphin Assisted Therapy"

Elise Weisengoff, "Capturing Attention: Advertising in the Internet Age"

Laura Whitefleet-Smith, "Size Selectivity by Mud Crabs, Panopeus Herbstii, Feeding on Barnacles, Balanus Eburneus, in North Inlet, South Carolina" 

Hannah Widdifield, "Who's Allowed to Ride the Short Bus?: Un-Defining Disability" 

Aliyyah Willis, "Freedom in Education: The Movement to Educate the Freedmen in the Pee Dee Region During Reconstruction"

Lauren Yates, "A Comparison of Placental Tissue in the Skins Eulamprus Tympanum and E. Quoyii"

Kaitlyn Zuilkowski, "Social Distance as a Function of Mental Health Status and Gender of College Student Peers"


Ryan Brown, "Remixing Business Models: Technology and the Future of the Modern Music Industry"

Kelly Cann, "Is Random Drug Testing of School Athletes An Effective Deterrent in the Fight Against Drug Abuse?" 

Kathryn Cowles, "Communication in the Courtroom"

Emma Currin, "Businesses Going Green: An Analysis of the Factors that Motivate Firms to Adopt Environmentally Friendly Practices"

Andrea Floyd, "How Does Color in Package Design Lead to Emotional Appeal and Consumer Behavior?"

Ashleigh Gaspari, "The Comparison of Modality on Maximal Heart Rate"

Justin Hartnett, "The Implication of Sea Level Change on Storm Surge and Inundation of the Coastline"

Sarah Heishman, "Mitochondrial DN Inheritance in Bivalves: A Comparative Study Involving the Unique System of Doubly Uniparental Inheritance"

Devon Howard, "Title IX Compliance: A Comparison of Coastal Carolina University to Other Regional Universities"

Jessica Keller, "Density and Distribution of the Long-Spine Sea Urchin, Diadema Antillarum, at Discovery Bay, Jamaica"

Melissa Martinez, "Anthropogenic Impact on Meiofauna in Myrtle Beach Area Estuaries"

Megan Presutti, "Analysis of the Water Fluoridation Controversy"

Brian Quigley, "Numeric Modeling of Long Bay, SC"

Keith Richard, "Problem Solving and Functional Fixedness: A Comparison Between Eco-Reps and Non Eco-Reps"

Collewen Schohl, "OLE, OLE...OH NO? The Economic and Social Impacts the FIFA World Cup Has On Its Host Countries and How South Africa, the 2010 Host, May Be Affected"

Alyssa Sharples, "The Great Recession and its Effect on Small Businesses and Unemployment Rates"

Katherine Stohl, "A Comparison of Fish Growth Rates in a Pristine and an Urbanized Salt Marsh Estuary"

Laura Walters, "The Effect of Xylitol on the Growth of Three Normal Oral Commensal or Probiotic Bacteria"


Barnes Anderson, "Net Metering in South Carolina"

Erin Burnette, "Prevalence of Barnacle Parasites in the Mud Crabs of South Carolina Estuaries"

Desiree Leach, "Electrocatalytic Activity of Modified Nafion Films Inserted with Chemically-Reduced Metal Nano-Clusters and Cationic Metalloporphyrins"

Barry Long, "Not for Profit Organizations and the Unrelated Business Income Tax"

Lauren Mouse, "Defined Benefit vs. Defined Contribution Plans: Only 45 Years to Retirement: What a Recent College Graduate Needs to Know"

Briana Patton, "The Effects of Strengthening and Rehabilitation Programs for the Collegiate Baseball Player"

Brett Robertson, "Enron vs. General Electric: Is Earnings Management Worth the Risk?"

Katrina Smith, "Preferential Fish Consumption Base Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Mercury Concentrations for Maximum Health Benefits"

Amanda Stull, "Blocking Peroxynitrites"

Sherri Tomlinson, "Bacteriophage at the Beach"

Matthew Vincent, "Growth Rate of Mugil Cephalus from Two Isolate Ponds in Huntington Beach State Park, South Carolina"


Tobias Banks, "Identification of Potentially Pathogenic Yeast Species in Seagull Guano by Molecular Techniques"

Lauren Bohrer, "Fish Habitat of Caribbean Coral Reefs in Discovery Bay, Jamaica"  

Shannon Bogart, "Students' Perceived Parenting Styles and Their Later Romantic Attachment Style"

Nikki Brawley, "Authentic Assessment versus Traditional Assessment: A Comparative Study"

Heather Eurell, "Ignorance Is Not Always Bliss: Uncertainty Reduction Theory Through 'Coming of Age' Films" 

Amelia Hammond, "Mary's Wedding"

Brian Johns, "Mission Statements: The Soul of an Organization"

Michael Marinaccio, "The Apology of Sidney"

Michael McShane, "Modern Sophistry: On the 'Economization' of Education"

Chelsey Mozingo, "Contribution of Candida Albicans to the Synthesis of the Volatile Organic Compound Ethanol in Putrefied Bodies"

Lindsay Stang, "The Effect of a Phytoplankton Maximum on the Trophic Food Chain of the Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops Truncatus) in North Inlet, South Carolina"

Katie Thompson, "The Obelisk: Symbols of Roman Masculinity"

Steve Thornton, "Effects of Phyotplankton Concentration on Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops Truncatus) Prey Availibility"

William Yagatich, "Inking Skin for Art: Socialization of Tattoo Collectors"