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Interdisciplinary Studies (BAIS)

Interdisciplinary studies offers highly motivated and intellectually curious students the opportunity to develop an individualized, innovative and integrated major. As an alternative to a traditional major, self-directed students are engaged and mentored by faculty to build a program of study around an interrelated unifying issue, topic, theme, culture or personal inquiry.

The Bachelor of Arts (BAIS) in Interdisciplinary Studies and the Bachelor of Science (BSIS) in Interdisciplinary Studies programs are focused around complex issues and real-world applicability. All students will engage in higher order thinking skills, including critical analysis, evaluation and creation of new academic ideas. These skills are utilized through an individual research project and are a marketable skill set for current and future employment.

The interdisciplinary degree focuses on upper-level coursework, and at least 50 percent of the major is offered through a distance learning option, which may be of particular interest to transfer students, working adults and returning students.

Interdisciplinary studies is recognized by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools as a regionally accredited bachelor’s degree in both arts and science. The major maintains annual membership in the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies professional organization.

The Student Experience

Interdisciplinary studies students have an opportunity to develop a program of study that matches their unique interests, abilities and values; therefore, there are as many programs of study as there are individuals. Students will complete coursework from two or more disciplines from across the University.

Beyond the Classroom

Interdisciplinary studies students are encouraged to work with a career counselor from the Career Services Center to discover their unique abilities, interests and values and match those to specific career fields. In addition, the major offers college credit for one or more internships in a field relevant to the individual.

Graduates seek careers in a wide range of fields, including:

  • Entrepreneurship and general business
  • Daycare and private school teaching
  • International and intercultural programs
  • Photojournalism and social media
  • Social work and government services
  • Environmental science and sustainability
  • Athletic training and event planning

All Coastal Carolina University students of any major must complete the Freshman Graduation Requirement, the Core Curriculum, and meet all university standards. Substitutions and waivers may apply for transfer students. Students must receive a grade of C or better in all Major Requirements listed below.

Major Foundations

ENGL 211: Introduction to Technical and Professional Writing. (3) (Prereq: ENGL 101 with a grade of C or better) Students read and analyze examples of technical, scientific, and professional writing. Writing assignments may include formal and informal reports, sets of instructions, research papers, annotated bibliographies, literature reviews, process analyses, position papers, or mechanism descriptions. Revising and editing skills are taught. F, S, Su.
[or equivalent course]

IDS 310: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies. (3) This course examines both theoretical approaches and practical applications of interdisciplinary in today’s world, with special emphasis on the interdisciplinary research process. F, S.

Major Concentration

Approved Program Courses. (30) Thirty credits of 300 level or above coursework approved for the individual student program by the University Interdisciplinary Studies Committee. No more than 16 credits from any one discipline may be used to satisfy the program. A maximum of six (6) credits for Directed Study and three (3) to nine (9) credits for Internship may be used to fulfill the degree requirements. The student’s completed program must reflect a minimum of thirty-six credit hours at the 300 level or above. At least 12 credit hours in major requirements and 30 total credit hours must be completed at Coastal Carolina University.

Major Research Project

IDS 398: Research Methods in Interdisciplinary Studies. (3) (Restricted to Interdisciplinary Studies Majors) The purpose of this course is to introduce students to principles and characteristics of approaches and methodologies relevant to research in Interdisciplinary Studies. Students will begin designing their capstone research project for IDS 499.

IDS 499: Capstone Research Project in Interdisciplinary Studies. (3) (Prereq: IDS 398) Capstone course required of all Interdisciplinary Studies students for graduation. Students plan and complete an original research project under the guidance and supervision of the instructor. The topic selected must be related to the student's Interdisciplinary Studies area of emphasis. Seminar sessions focus on the principles, procedures, and problems of executing a senior-level research project. Students present project results in both written and oral form. F, S, Su.

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