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Women’s and Gender Studies

Women's and Gender Studies (WGS) is dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of gender and its intersections with other identity markers such as sexuality, race, class, nationality, and ability/ disability as economic, political, and cultural constructs. It celebrates diversity, acknowledges women’s accomplishments, conditions and contributions, and highlights the ideologies implicit in women’s places in societies both in the U.S. and internationally. The majors and minor in Women's and Gender Studies rigorously investigate the gendered nature of knowledge, institutions, and cultures to promote experiential learning, engaged citizenship, and social justice among all students—no matter their gender identity or other characteristics. Using gender as a critical lens across disciplines, WGS proposes innovative ways of understanding human experience and empowering CCU students to become productive, responsible, healthy citizens with a global perspective.

The Student Experience

A B.A. degree in Women’s and Gender Studies prepares students with the following skills:

  • Training in critical thinking and problem-solving;
  • Expertise in finding and using information to analyze contemporary social issues;
  • An understanding of differences of gender, sexuality, race, culture, age, ability, and social class, and citizenship status;
  • Hands-on experience working in teams;
  • Insights into the connections among different forms of oppression;
  • A foundation for analyzing inequities and initiating change;
  • Preparedness to live and work in a diverse and global world.

We support students in double-majoring with other disciplines that serve their career goals.

Beyond the Classroom

CCU's Women's and Gender Studies organizes and sponsors visiting writers, lectures, symposia, films, cultural events and campus organizations that are devoted to the advancement of equity in the world.

Students receive strong support to engage with communities on and off campus through internships, service learning, and experiential learning opportunities.

Areas of Study

B.A. Curriculum

WGS graduates now work in:

    Youth outreach

    University Administration

    Student Affairs




    Corporate Consulting

    Graduate School

    Public Relations

    Women's health

    Health networks

    Hospitals, clinics, private/group practice

    Wellness centers

    Nursing homes

    Mental health institutions


    Case management

    Community Relations


    Government programs

    Media Writing (TV, movies, magazines, etc.)

    Law School


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