Elvington Loop Bathroom Sanitation

Elvington Loop Bathroom Sanitation

Elvington Loop suite bathrooms are sanitized once per month by University Housing Facilities Staff. As a resident of the suite, daily tidiness and bathroom upkeep are YOUR responsibility, including wiping sinks, counters, cubbies, mirrors, spills as well as any bodily fluid overspray or displacement. Trash must be maintained in a designated can and taken to a dumpster when full. Foul odors should also be investigated and remedied. It is a privilege to have a Custodian partner with your suite to maintain a clean and healthy environment. Please do your part.

Prior to Custodial Staff sanitizing your bathroom, the checklist items below must be completed. Failure to complete these items prior to your scheduled Custodial service will result in postponement of bathroom sanitation and documentation sent to your Community Coordinator. Failure to properly prepare your bathroom may result in referral to the student conduct process.

Elvington Loop Pre-Sanitation Checklist for Bathrooms

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