Maintenance Request

Maintenance Request

‌‌University Housing utilizes a web-based maintenance request system through MyCoastalHome. At any time, students can access the website and put in a maintenance request simply using their CCU username and password.

Internet Issues:

Any issues with Internet or Wi-Fi should not be submitted through MyCoastalHome. You may submit these type of requests to Student Computing Services.

**Most maintenance requests are completed within 24 to 48 hours unless parts have to be ordered or it is a more significant issue. If your request has not been completed and you have not gotten a message from University Housing with an explanation within 48 business hours, contact your community desk or Community Coordinator.

To submit a request, log into MyCoastalHome and select "Maintenance Request" at the top of the page. From there you will see the option to submit a maintenance request for the following spaces:

  • Room Space - The bedroom where you live and sleep
  • Shared Space - Bathroom, kitchen and common space within your room, suite or apartment
  • Public Space - Spaces outside of your living space (e.g. elevator, lobby, study room, etc.)
Lost or Stolen Keys 
All lock-change fees have a nonrefundable $75 administrative fee as well as a fee for materials once the lock change occurs. The cost of the materials portion of a lock change is determined by the location and room type and is based on the number of lock cores that need to be re-cored as a result of the lost or stolen key. Below is a chart indicating lock change fees based on location and room type:
Lock-Change Fees based on Location and Room-Type*
Location/Room Type Lock-Change Materials Administrative Fee Materials Fee Total Fee 
Chanticleer Type 2 $75 $120 $195
DeCenzo Type 2 $75 $120 $195
Eaglin 4-Bedroom Suite Type 1 $75 $200 $275
Eaglin Double or Triple Type 2 $75 $120 $195
Gardens Type 2 $75 $120 $195
Ingle 4-Bedroom Suite Type 1 $75 $200 $275
Ingle Double or Triple Type 2 $75 $120 $195
Singleton-Young Type 2 $75 $120 $195
Tradition Type 2 $75 $120 $195
UP 1 Bed Apt  Type 2 $75 $120 $195
UP 2 Bed Apt  Type 2 $75 $120 $195
UP 3 Bed Apt   Type 1 $75 $200 $275
UP 4 Bed Apt   Type 1 $75 $200 $275
Woods Type 1 $75 $200 $275


Key-Related Fees*

Bent or broken key replacement $25
Key fob replacement $20
Loaner key issued (first or second per semester) Free
Loaner key issued (beyond second) $50
Lock-change – administrative fee $75
Lock-change – materials type 1 $200
Lock-change – materials type 2 $120
Lock-tampering repair (business hours) $25 minimum (plus materials)
Lock-tampering repair (after business hours) $150 minimum (plus materials)
Emergency after hours lock change $150 (plus type 1 or 2 materials)


*Please note these rates are subject to change; updated rates will be posted online.

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