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Personal Evacuation Plan

Personal Evacuation Plans (PEPs) are critically important in the event of a facility, environmental, or weather-related incident or disaster that results in a University closure. You will inform CCU what your Personal Evacuation Plan (PEP) is during the housing application process in MyCoastalHome. Residents are encouraged to travel on their own or with friends and roommates to a designated relative’s or friend’s home out of the area.

During a campus closure, all University Housing residence halls and apartments are closed, and the campus is secured. Entry to campus and therefore all residential facilities is prohibited until the closure is officially lifted. The University will provide as much notice as possible, so residents can appropriately plan for their own safety and welfare. Residents should discuss in advance potential transportation and sheltering options with other residents who may need assistance.

Residents unable to confirm their own evacuation plan will select "Evacuate with University Housing" as their Personal Evacuation Plan (PEP) in MyCoastalHome, and in the event of a campus closure, will evacuate to a shelter with University Housing until it is safe to return to campus. This advance notice helps us in planning for travel, staff and shelter location(s). Shelters will provide for basic needs but lack many of the traditional amenities and comforts.

Since Personal Evacuation Plans can change, at the beginning of each semester residents are asked to review their plan and update it, if necessary. To review your responses, log in to MyCoastalHome and click on Update Personal Evacuation Plan at the top of the page. Make the necessary changes on the two pages and click the Update Personal Evacuation Plan button at the bottom of the second page. You will get a confirmation message that your plan has been updated.


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