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Preparing Your Space for University Closure and Evacuation

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In the event you are asked to implement your Personal Evacuation Plan, you are asked to complete the following items to prepare your room prior to your departure. University Housing staff will inspect all rooms after housing is closed.

  1. Lift personal items off the floor where able, putting items in drawers and closets.

  2. Move bicycles, including your Coastal Cycle, from bike racks to bedroom prior to leaving.

  3. Bring all items in from University Place balconies.

  4. Unplug all electrical items. (Refrigerators and aquariums may remain plugged in.)

  5. If you have a fish or approved support animal, make arrangements for its care off campus during the closure since you may not know how long we will be closed. University Housing is not responsible for their wellbeing.

  6. Take any valuables, coursework/textbooks and prescriptions with you.

  7. Set air conditioner to "automatic" and 74 degrees.

  8. Close and lock all windows and close blinds.

  9. Turn off lights and close and lock doors.

  10. Notify your family of your plans during the closure. Let them know where you are going and when you depart and arrive.

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