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Teal Traditions

The mission of the Teal Traditions Floor is to promote the traditions and spirit of Coastal Carolina University. This is done through intentional staffing, programming, and assessing how effective the community is at retaining students through investment in their institution. For Fall 2017, students will be assigned to a designated section of Teal Hall.

The Teal Traditions Community is a group of 40-50 students that represent Coastal Carolina’s most spirited new students! This floor, staffed with Resident Assistants who are passionate about Coastal Carolina University and among the best student leaders on campus, will be involved in numerous programs including:

  • Floor trips to Athletic Events
  • Leading the Ingle Hall Homecoming team
  • Creating programs with the Residence Hall Association
  • Taking part in many of Coastal Carolina University’s largest events (CHANT-a-thon, Relay for Life, etc.)
Questions for Housing Application:
  • Why do you want to be part of the Teal Traditions Floor?
  • How would participation in this community enhance your experience in your major and at CCU? How would you contribute to the community?
  • What experiences have you had to prepare you to be a potential leader?
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