Room Selection 2024-2025

For New Students

We are excited to have new Chanticleers apply for housing in MyCoastalHome. New students have the opportunity to select a space in the following communities: Eaglin, Ingle, The Woods, The Gardens, Chanticleer, DeCenzo, Singleton-Young, and Tradition. You will be able to select your space online. We will send you reminders throughout the process, so make sure you check your CCU email often.

General Information

New Students

Date Event
February 1 Housing application opens in MyCoastalHome
May 19 Deadline to apply for Special Interest Housing (SIH)
May 20 SIH decisions, for applicants to the Intel Community, Sea Floor, TEACH Community and Wall $treet Business, communicated via CCU email no later than this date
May 22 Application deadline to participate in online room selection
May 29 MyCoastalHome roommate search closes
May 31 Time slot notification emailed for SIH room selection on June 5
June 4 Time slot notification emailed for June 12, 19 and 26 room selection
June 5 Online room selection for SIH based on assigned time slot
June 12, 19, and 26 Online room selection based on assigned time slot
TBD Room change process open in MyCoastalHome
July TBD and beyond Continuously assign late applicants and required students without an assignment
July 31 Room change process closes prior to opening
September 2, at 11:59 p.m. Last day to change fall meal plan


First- and second-year students who graduate from high school within two calendar years prior to entering CCU are required to live on campus and purchase a residential meal plan. Local students living with a parent or legal guardian at their permanent address within 50 miles of CCU are automatically exempt from the requirement. Students who do not apply for housing and are required to live on campus will be randomly assigned and billed for a space and meal plan. More details about the policy (STUD-336) and reasons a student can request an exemption are on our website.

Deadline is May 19 (Updated 5/1/2024)

University Housing partners with several departments to offer living communities based on interest or major. Students interested in Special Interest Housing (SIH) should complete the housing application and the SIH questions, where applicable, by May 19 for full consideration. Students who apply after May 19 may be considered if spaces remain available. Please be aware being accepted into a SIH community will override your roommate requests unless your requested roommate(s) were also accepted to the same community.

The following SIH communities require a request, which includes answering three questions, for the department to review. Answers to the SIH questions will be submitted during housing application process, and decisions will be communicated by May 20.

Students accepted to one of the following academic programs are automatically accepted as long as the housing application is completed by May 19. After this date, we may be able to accommodate if space is available.

Process Details

Room Selection Deadline is May 22

New students who complete their housing application by May 22, 2024 will be issued time slots for online room selection. Students applying for Special Interest Housing will need to complete their application by May 1, 2024 for full consideration in the SIH community of their choice. See the Special Interest Housing section below for more details.

We do not use the application complete date to order students for room selection time slots, so there is no rush to complete your application immediately. How do you know you have completed the application? You will receive an email to your email upon completion in addition to the notification in the application. As long as the application is complete by May 22, you will have the opportunity to select your space online.

Opens February 1

The application phase includes verifying your student information, reviewing and acknowledging understanding of the housing license agreement, making the non-refundable housing application and prepayment (a combined $200), answer lifestyle questions, and selecting your meal plan. You will complete the housing application in MyCoastalHome. New students will be granted access to MyCoastalHome 24 hours after paying the enrollment fee.

Check out our video to see what the process looks like.

Closes May 29

After you complete your housing application, the roommate search process will open. You and your peers are able to search for roommates and accept roommate request invitations. You are NOT required to participate in roommate search. MyCoastalHome will allow you to review other students’ profiles (created by answering the lifestyle questions) and communicate with potential roommates to determine compatibility before inviting them to be in your roommate group.

  • Please be aware by joining a roommate group and being accepted into one, you are granting members of your roommate group to select your space.
  • You will need to know their “Screen Name”, which is the part of the CCU email address before the @ symbol, to request them to join your group.
  • The roommate search process will close at 11:59 p.m., Wednesday, May 29. No changes will be permitted after this date.
  • Only roommate requests that are mutual will be considered.

Check out our video to see what the process looks like.

Starts in June

The room selection phase allows you to select your room. Only students who complete the application by May 22, 2024 will receive a time slot and be eligible for online room selection. At your assigned time slot you can log into MyCoastalHome and see the available spaces. If you are part of a roommate group, only one student in the group should log in to select the spaces for each member. We encourage you to talk with everyone in your group to understand everyone's preferences and have several options in case your first choice is full.

More details to come!

Check out our video to see what the process looks like.

Housing Inventory

New Student Housing - By Bedroom

New Student Housing - By Bathroom

After Room Selection

New students who complete the housing application after May 22, 2024 will not be eligible for Online Room Selection and will be manually assigned by University Housing. We will use a combination of your community preferences, roommate preferences, answers to the lifestyle questions, and available spaces to make your room assignment. You will receive an email to your address when you have been assigned.

Prior to Opening

Once you have a housing assignment, you have the ability to change your room before you arrive in August. You may change your assignment through July 31. Follow these simple steps to make a change:

  1. Log into MyCoastalHome.
  2. Click on Apply for Housing and select Academic Year 2024-2025.
  3. The process is similar to the room selection process. Before you commit to a space you can view the profile(s) of the student(s) already assigned there to see if it would be a good match.
  4. Once you find a room, click on it and confirm the room assignment.

Additional information:

  • You are unable to change the room assignment of anyone in your group. If your preferred roommate wants to change with you, they will follow the same steps.
  • Students accepted into a Special Interest Housing community (e.g., Honors, SEA Floor) are only eligible to select spaces within their assigned community.
  • Spaces will become available as we receive cancellations and other students change their assignment, so what you see as available now may be different tomorrow.

After Opening

After July 31, all room changes will be frozen until approximately two weeks into the semester after we have confirmed our no shows and verified occupancy. The fall room change process is tentatively scheduled to open on September 6.

Students not required to live in University Housing or students not registered for classes starting in fall semester may cancel their housing application and request release from the license agreement through . All cancellation requests will be reviewed. If approved, the $50 housing application fee and $150 housing pre-payment are non-refundable. Click Cancel Application in to request cancellation of your housing application, room and meal plan.

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