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Room Selection

For Current, Transfer and Graduate Students

Current, transfer and graduate students have the opportunity to select a space in the following communities: Blue Ridge, Piedmont, Grand Strand, Low Country, Sandhills and the Gardens. We will send you reminders throughout the process, so make sure you check your CCU email often.

As a reminder, first- and second-year students are required to live in University Housing (unless approved by University Housing for exemption or have an automatic exemption). Students who do not apply for housing and are required to live on campus will be randomly assigned and billed for a space. To review the Housing and Meal Plan Requirement (STUD-AUXE-336) policy in detail, go to:

2019-2020 Room Selection Timeline - Current, Transfer and Graduate Students

  • Feb. 4 - Housing Application open in MyCoastalHome
  • Feb. 22 - Priority Dealine to Apply for Special Interest Housing
  • March 20 - Priority Deadline for Room Selection
  • March 22 - Timeslot Notification Emailed
  • March 26-27 - Online Room Selection Based on Assigned Timeslot
  • March 29 - Online Room Selection Open for Students who Applied after March 20; No Timeslot Needed
  • March 29 - Pre-Fall Opening Room Changes Open in MyCoastalHome
  • July 31 - Pre-Fall Opening Room Changes End
  • Sept. 2, 11:59 p.m. - Last Day to Change Fall Meal Plan

Special Interest Housing

University Housing partners with several departments to offer living communities based on interest or major. Involvement in Special Interest Housing has proven to be an effective way for students to become invested in their community, and involvement with a community has been shown to lead to better classroom performance and satisfaction with their experience at Coastal Carolina University. Students interested in Special Interest Housing should complete the application and the Special Interest Housing questions by February 22 for full consideration. Students who apply after February 22 will be considered after we have reviewed all applications received by the deadline. Please be aware being accepted into a Special Interest Housing community will override your roommate requests unless your requested roommate(s) were also accepted to the same community. Students who have been accepted to a Special Interest Housing community will select their space on March 26. Click here to learn more about Special Interest Housing.

Priority Deadline: Wednesday, March 20

Students who complete their application by Wednesday, March 20 will be issued time slots first. We do not use application completion date to priortize students, so there is no rush to complete your application. How do you know you have completed the application? You will receive an email to your CCU email in addition to the notification in the application. As long as the housing application is completed by March 20 you will have first priority of available spaces.  Students who apply after March 20 will select a space starting on March 29.

Phase 1: Application & Roommate Pairing (Opens February 4)

The application and roommate pairing phase includes verifying your student information, reviewing and acknowledging understanding of the housing license agreement, making the non-refundable housing application and prepayment (a combined $150), answering lifestyle questions, selecting your meal plan and, if you’re interested, applying for Special Interest Housing.

In addition you and your peers are allowed to search for roommates, request to be someone’s roommate, and accept roommate request invitations. MyCoastalHome will allow you to review other students’ profiles (created by answering the lifestyle questions) and communicate with potential roommates to determine compatibility before inviting them to live with you. In order to request a roommate you will need to know their “Screen Name”, which is the part of the CCU email address before the @ symbol. It is important to have your roommate requests submitted and accepted prior to room selection, so you can look for a space for you and your roommates. Only roommate requests that are mutual will be considered.

In order to be eligible to participate in Phase 2 of the process, you will need to complete the housing application (Phase 1) by the priority deadline, March 20. You know you have completed the housing application when you receive an email to your CCU email address. Completing the housing application still allows you access to make changes to your application (e.g. change meal plan, search for roommates, etc.).

Phase 2: Space Selection (Starts on March 26)

The space selection phase of the room selection process allows you to select your space. Only students who complete the application by March 20 will receive a timeslot for room selection.

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Below are links to various parts of our website which will provide you more information during Room Selection.

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