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Express Checkout is a checkout option that allows a resident to turn in their key and properly checkout without a scheduled appointment with an RA. By selecting the Express Checkout option, a resident opts:

  • To follow all check out and cleaning instructions;
  • To decline the benefit of having an RA present to conduct a formal checkout prior to their departure;
  • To complete the Express Checkout Envelope properly, seal the key in the envelope, and deliver the sealed Express Checkout Envelope to the University Housing Drop Box located near the community desk and;
  • To waive their right to appeal any damages, cleaning, or other check out charges.


Residents departing University Housing or changing rooms are required to check out of their space. While it is preferred for residents to check out with their RA, the Express Checkout option is available for those residents who must leave quickly or during the late night/early morning hours. It is the responsibility of residents to clean their room/apartment, remove their belongings and trash, and report any damages that has occurred while living in their room/apartment. Room/apartment(s) will be inspected after move out, and residents will be charged for any damages, missing items, and/or cleaning costs. Damages, missing items, and/or cleaning that no one claims responsibility for will be divided equally among those living in the room/apartment.

  1. Resident picks up an Express Checkout Envelope from the community desk.
  2. Resident removes all belongings from the room and cleans the room and any shared spaces thoroughly.
  3. Resident locks room door(s).
  4. Resident completes information on the Express Checkout Envelope and signs it.
  5. Resident retains the yellow copy for their records.
  6. Resident places the key in the envelope, seals the envelope and places the envelope in the University Housing Drop Box located near the community desk. Failure to return the key will result in lock change charges.

 University Housing:

  • Staff will inspect the room after the resident’s departure utilizing the Room Inspection form.
  • Residents will be held financially responsible for missing items, damages and necessary cleaning.
  • Residents do not have the option to appeal damage charges with an Express Checkout.


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