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Laundry Services

No matter where you live on campus, you can be guaranteed laundry services. Each apartment in Blue Ridge, Grand Strand, Low Country, Piedmont and Sandhills are equipped with a washing machine and dryer. Communal laundry services are available in Eaglin Hall, Ingle Hall, the Gardens, New Student Housing and the Woods. Laundry is free for all residents. Please use only laundry soap that is marked “HE” for our High Efficiency washers.

For Eaglin, Ingle and New Student Housing residents, the LaundryView Monitoring System saves them time and effort by letting them track their laundry activity via e-mail. Check it out: LaundryView Monitoring System.

 University Housing creates a foundation of care for resident safety and success.

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University Housing
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843-349-6400 (phone)
843-349-6425 (fax)

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