HR Ticket System

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Human Resources uses the KACE Ticketing System, which is also in use by various organizations on campus. Only current students, faculty, and staff have access to log in to the KACE Ticketing System. 

The additional organizations that use the ticketing system include Information Technology Services (ITS), University Marketing and Communication, Institutional Research, Assessment and Analysis (IRAA), Athletics Digital Services, Academic Affairs Division, and others. Depending on your needs, please ensure you select the appropriate organization before clicking "Login":

Choose 3a-HR Service Center for supervisors to complete HR Service Center transactions.

Choose 3b-Human Resources for other HR Inquiries.

Link to Online Ticket System


Current students, faculty, and staff may access the Ticketing System by clicking the button above or visiting

  1. Log in with your CCU credentials and depending on your business need, please choose the appropriate organization. Choose 3a-HR Service Center as a supervisor to initiate HR transactions or choose 3b-Human Resources for other inquiries, and click log in.
  2. Choose the "Need Help? Report it" button to create a ticket.
  3. Upon closure of an HR ticket, you will receive a satisfaction survey to complete. When accessing this survey link for your HR ticket, please ensure that you are logged in to KACE for the appropriate organization on campus.

Log out of HR's ticket system when you need to access and use another organization's ticketing system or complete ticket satisfaction surveys for other organizations on campus.