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PeopleAdmin Applicant Tracking System Upgrade

What is PeopleAdmin? PeopleAdmin is the system used by Coastal Carolina University to advertise employment vacancies and as a portal for applicants to submit their applications for specific positions, as well as managing position descriptions and employee evaluations.

What is involved in this upgrade? The PeopleAdmin upgrade has three phases. The first phase involves the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Position Management (PM). The second phase will automate the onboarding process for newly hired employees, and the third phase will involve the Performance Management System (EPMS).

When is the upgrade scheduled to occur? While schedules are always subject to change, the upgrade to the ATS and PM is scheduled for June 26, 2018. Electronic onboarding is expected to be available by late summer and the EPMS upgrade is currently scheduled to be available by October.

What actions do I need to take to prepare for the upgrade? Some of the current processes have pauses put into place to allow for as many open actions in 5.8 to be completed prior to June 26. Notification was made to the campus community of these important dates on April 19, 2018.

How will the upgrade effect the way vacancies and searches are handled? The current system, PeopleAdmin 5.8 uses a web portal for advertising vacancies, collecting applications, and managing the search and hiring process. While some portions are web-based, much of the process is paper-driven. The new system, PeopleAdmin 7.0 (also known as SelectSuite) will automate the entire process. In PeopleAdmin 7.0, an employee can initiate the review of a position description, post the position, review a pool of applicants, interview, recommend for hire, and initiate a hiring proposal without having to print a form and carry it around campus. The workflows will transmit the information electronically through the approval process and documents returned for correction or additional information will also flow electronically.

Will training be provided on PeopleAdmin 7.0? Yes! Initial training took place on June 20, 2018. HREO has scheduled additional hands-on training beginning the on June 27, continuing into the future. This training is intended for administrative staff and supervisors who will need to begin working in the system. HREO is also working on a ready-room or help center where users can come for assistance as they work through their initial actions in PeopleAdmin 7.0. To register for training, click here.

What will happen to current job postings and applications? All positions posted in PeopleAdmin 5.8 will continue in the processes for 5.8. Positions that are “open until filled” will need to be finalized in 5.8. If the position is not filled the search will be canceled in PeopleAdmin 5.8 and initiated as a new search in the new system. Prospective employees who have an application in 5.8 will need to create a new application for the 7.0 system. 

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