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The Five Pillars of CIE

CCU Seal (added 8/25/2021) MCD The new Edwards College Center for Inclusive Excellence is an interdisciplinary and dynamic hub for faculty and student fellows in collaboration with the regional community to engage in exceptional and socially responsible research and teaching. Each academic year the Center's work will be organized around a topic that will generate creative production, critical research, and socially engaged projects among three elected faculty members, the faculty fellows, nine student research fellows, and a graduate fellow. The collaborative creative and critical work generated around the elected topic will emerge in conversation with stakeholders in the larger community. Faculty and student fellows demonstrate a strong and sustainable commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

The topic for the 2021 academic year will be “Narratives of Democracy.”

The Edwards College Research Fellows take a sequence of courses over the course of a year. For this upcoming Spring, students will work on planning for the Center’s official launch in Fall 21. The year-long course sequence introduces students to the concept of being a research assistant/fellow, what it means to do inclusive and culturally aware research, and the spectrum of research and creative techniques used across diverse disciplines in the arts, humanities and social sciences represented in the Edwards College.

The FIVE PILLARS of the Center for Inclusive Excellence

1. Community dialogue:

The center is committed to facilitating important conversations from perspectives in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. Within and between communities, we hope to make CCU a hub on the local, regional, and national stages for innovative, boundary-breaking solutions to the most pressing issues we face today.

2. Diversity, equity, and inclusion:

The center seeks to promote an atmosphere of respect for the diverse backgrounds of the students at Coastal Carolina University through understanding, informed efforts, and vigilance regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. Expectations of fellows include respect for all people and backgrounds, and a commitment to improving their communities through social justice work, research, and activism.

3. Research and creative production:

This semester, a team of twelve undergraduate fellows and one graduate fellow center their work on the theme Narratives of Democracy and are hard at work facilitating a variety of events and projects to outline steps towards forming a more perfect union. Each fellow brings a unique perspective to our research team with their own creative abilities and efforts as they each come from different disciplines within Edward's College.

4. Interdisciplinary Collaboration:

A diverse array of majors are offered in Edwards College, and this program seeks to bring these varying perspectives into collaboration. After a careful selection process, an interdisciplinary group of students and professors that reflect the breadth of these majors work together, share ideas, and do research.

5. Experiential Learning:

Fellows get hands-on experience in facilitating the day-to-day operations of the center, working behind and in front of the scenes to generate ideas, content, and events. They also receive close instruction from professionals in or adjacent to their fields who help them explore the wide array of opportunities that await them there. Lessons in professionalism, collaboration, leadership, and self-advocacy are also built into the fellows’ rigorous two-semester course of study.



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