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Ashes2Art combines art history, archaeology, graphic and web design, 3D animation and digital photography to recreate monuments of the ancient past online.

With faculty guidance, students from Coastal Carolina University and other universities, including Arkansas State, AR and Alexandria University, Egypt, conduct focused research on specific monuments, visit the locations, shoot high resolution digital panoramas, build interactive maps and 3D models, write essays that summarize scholarly opinions based on published archaeological reports, and document those sources with extended bibliographies. QuickTime digital panoramas and immersive 3D models are built and posted online utilizing technologies including Panoweaver, Tourweaver, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Photoshop, Google Sketch Up, Google Earth, RealViz Stitcher, Mud Box, Final Cut Pro, Dreamweaver and Macromedia Flash.

About Ashes2Art

Ashes2Art was conceived by professors Arne Flaten (Art History) and Paul Olsen (Graphic Design) at Coastal Carolina University. Essentially, we envision this as a way of integrating new technologies with hands-on teaching, effectively blurring traditional lines between art history, graphic design and communication arts. Intrigued by the projects at UCLA and various websites worldwide, Flaten and Olsen decided that a program of this sort, with significant alterations, would provide exciting opportunities for study and teaching.

Ashes2Art is offered for upper-level course credit at Coastal Carolina each spring, and is held in the Edwards Digital Commons. Under close faculty supervision, every facet of the project is designed and built by undergraduate students, including web design, research, digital panoramas, essays, 3D renderings, and video animation.

The entire program (including research, digital panoramas, essays, 3D renderings, lesson plans and video animation) is designed and built by undergraduate students.


Sue Bergeron (, Faculty Lead in Ashes2Art Program, Associate Professor in Politics and Geography