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Art Studio

Bachelor of Arts The Art Studio program promotes and encourages critical and visual innovation by immersing you in a diverse array of course offerings and studio specializations.

Our program provides a multi-disciplinary approach to the practice of studio art. We encourage you to embark on a diverse and creative education that encompasses an array of courses in two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and time-based art. By emphasizing idea together with expressive technique, you will participate and contribute to a critical conversation that is relevant to a contemporary creative society. 

The Department of Visual Arts is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). 

  • Visual and Performing Arts Scholarships are available to students who demonstrate outstanding abilities in art and present SAT scores of at least 1,000 or ACT scores of 21, and have a minimum high school cumulative GPA of 3.0.  Students must submit a portfolio for consideration. 
  • Art studio internships are available.  Students are professionally supervised and receive practical experience while working in art-related businesses, galleries or museums.
  • CHROMA, the student organization for Art Studio and Graphic Design, sponsors various lectures, workshops, trips and other events to supplement in-class experience.
  • Study abroad programs are offered each summer to destinations such as Italy, France, England, Greece, China and Thailand.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in the production of award-winning magazines: Tapestry (alumni), Archarios (literay/arts), Tempo (style/features).  Art director positions carry stipends.
  • The Pre-Professional Studio (ARTS 440/ARTD 440) offers hands-on, real world experience in the production of professional quality posters, magazines, websites and more.
  • Through the MAT graduate program, art studio majors can become certified to teach art in the public school system and enter the market at a higher pay level than with the bachelor's degree alone.
  • The program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).
  • The award-winning visual arts faculty is known regionally, nationally and internationally.


What You'll Study

Students choose between six major areas of concentration in visual arts: ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture. Minor programs in visual arts include art education, art history, graphic design, new media and digital culture, and photography.


Our foundations program has one dedicated classroom for two-dimensional design and shares space with drawing and sculpture.


Ceramics has a large dedicated studio space that opens to our hotworks courtyard. The studio includes work surfaces for hand-building, 9 - motorized wheels and 2 - kick wheels for throwing forms, 4 - electric kilns, a glaze room that features a spray booth, and plenty of shelves for your art.

Drawing and Painting

Drawing and painting have two dedicated studios that open to our hotworks courtyard.. Both have access to 37 - studio easels, 1 - large modeling stand, 13 -  portable easels, 19 – drawing horses, 18 - taborets, and fleet of still life objects.


Photography occupies three spaces. The primary photography classroom has an adjoining dedicated darkroom with 15-medium format enlargers, 2-large format enlargers, and 2-Amergraph ULF exposure units for alternative processes.  The classroom has a dedicated iMac and Epson 3880 for digital negatives. The second photography studio is a shared space with design. It has 15-27" iMacs and two Epson printers.The third space is for the LUSCA Studio. It is a hybrid facility that is used by our pre-professional course for design and photography, a.k.a. The LUSCA Studio, and our studio lighting courses. This space is equipped with 4 – 27” monitors for students to plug their laptops into for use, a tabloid scanner, color laser printer, a conference table and flatscreen for client meetings, and a fully functioning lighting studio for photography. All labs use Adobe Creative Cloud.


Printmaking has a dedicated studio that opens to the hotworks courtyard. Within the studio space you will find a 62 x 39.5 Takach etching press, a Laguna 26 x 48 etching press, a Takach-Garfield 25 x 44 lithography press, a large Theimer vacuum platemaker exposure unit, and a platecutter. There are also flat files for print and supply storage.  


Sculpture occupies multiple studio spaces. The common space for sculpture is a woodshop and 3D design studio that opens to the hotworks courtyard. Our shop features 1 - 10” sawstop table saw, 2 – 12” disc sanders, bandsaw, compound mitre saw, and an ample amount of space to store all of your favorite toys. Sculpture’s second space, a.k.a. The Hotworks, houses all of our metal fabrication equipment for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. In this space you will find a sand muller for mold-making, a furnace with a 180lb crucible capacity, 3- blacksmith forges’, cutting torch, plasma cutter, 2 – silversmith torches, a centrifugal caster, burn out kiln, 4’ capacity slip roll, 3 – MIG welders, 1 – TIG welder, and so much more for jewelry and metalsmithing. 

Experiences Beyond the Classroom

Graduates of the Art Studio program have moved on to top graduate programs in their fields of study and applied their skills and knowledge to starting their own businesses, to working as museum or gallery educators, and to promoting higher education. As an Art Studio major your options can range from fine art production to an array of opportunities that include Arts Administration and Management, Gallery Direction, Display Coordinator, Cultural planning and so much more.  


Minor programs in vsiual arts include art education, art history, graphic design, new media and digital culture, and photography.


Stephanie R. Miller
Chair, Department of Visual Arts
Edwards 272

Lisa Bair
Administrative Specialist
Edwards 271