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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Master of Arts

Following a flexible and highly individualized course of study, students investigate topics that they find compelling, applying the methodologies and perspectives of different disciplines within the humanities and fine arts to increase their insight and broaden their vision. The M.A. in Liberal Studies offers students of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to hone the skills of writing and analysis, creative problem-solving, and collaboration that are not only the hallmarks of a liberal arts education, but also the skills most desired in the twenty-first century work force. Whether you are a recent graduate seeking advanced, interdisciplinary coursework; an adult pursuing a life-long interest in humanistic concepts; an educator needing advanced credentials; or a midcareer professional seeking skills enrichment and broader cultural literacy, this program is for you. 

What You'll Study

The M.A. in Liberal Studies is a 30-hour graduate degree program that provides students with the opportunity to pursue advanced interdisciplinary study in the humanities, arts, and social sciences. Graduate students in this program will conduct advanced research across disciplinary boundaries, synthesizing information and presenting it in a range of formats, both oral and written, suitable to meet the needs of a variety of audiences. They will develop critical thinking skills; become adept at collaboration with colleagues in other fields of study; and investigate and pursue practical applications of disciplinary knowledge. Through their coursework and projects, they will become more proficient in writing; utilize technology for presentations, visual media and print documents; and learn professional procedures appropriate for a variety of both public sector and private industry settings.

Beyond the Classroom

Our introductory course, MALS 600, is being taught this fall by a public history professor who will emphasize this new focus. In addition, two American Studies courses will be offered each semester, with the U.S. Presidential Election and American Identities being the featured topics of Fall I and Fall II, and Foreign Policy and Images and Icons of America the focus for Spring I and Spring II. Students taking the American Studies courses will be required to attend six Saturday morning sessions at the Myrtle Beach Education Center in addition to completing a complementary online component. The first Saturday session introduces the topic, the next four feature guest lecturers from a variety of disciplines, and the last gives students an opportunity to present their research. 


Shari Orisich, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, 843-349-6669,

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