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English, Concentration in Literature and Culture

By concentrating in Literature and Culture as an English major, you will not only explore a world of creative expression but will also gain skills in close reading, critical writing, and theoretical approaches to narrative. Through “Literature” we'll examine the stories we tell ourselves about being human—your stories, our stories, stories you know and stories you never heard of, stories of people you’ll love and stories of people you thought you hated; stories that may confuse you, disturb you, or inspire you. Through “Culture” we'll explore written words, spoken words, songs, graphics, film, theater, television, games, events, histories, media and new hybrid forms that are only just being invented. Whether we’re considering texts from around the world or just next door, with Literature and Culture you can expand your horizons while training in the skills of critical thinking and writing that are so crucial today. 


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Jen Boyle
Chair, Professor