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Graphic Design

Graphic designers shape the way people see, use, and experience information. If you're interested in studying the practice of design, there are two degree programs—a BFA in Visual Communication Design, and a BA in Graphic Design—and a minor in Graphic Design.

By pursuing the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design, you will be immersed in a program that is conceptually driven and holistic in practice. This degree focuses on the mastery of diverse technical skills, the development of dynamic visual communication across multiple media, and an understanding of contemporary design practices. To apply for this program, you first enroll as a BA student, then complete a portfolio review in your second year.

By pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design, you will learn how to be a visual communicator who explores what it means to convey ideas through type and image, as well as innovate through technology. In the classroom, you will build on the fundamental skills of the practice of design, and cultivate visual concept within a contemporary design field.


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Stephanie Miller
Chair, Visual Art