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Communication is the study of the ways humans interact. The Communication Studies concentration explores how we interact with our entire world and how we form our identities, constantly, through spoken and written words, social media, and mass media like television and streaming video. Communication can be studied at many different levels, including between two people, a group, people in organizations, or people using media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This major teaches you how and why that happens and how to do it effectively. 

BA Communication Studies - Communication

Minor Communication



Experiential Opportunities

For students in the Communication Studies concentration and Communication major in general, Coastal provides multiple opportunities to get hands-on experience to prepare you for a career.

Chanticleer News Front Page of Print Edition

The Chanticleer Newspaper


Teal Nation Communications




Several lab spaces allow you to explore the role of communication specialists.

MA Comm Explorer Block - In the Digital Studio - Added 10/12/18

Digital Production Studio

Resized to 760x760. Two students in the radio station.

WCCU Radio




(8 Courses)

COMM 140 - Modern Human Communication: Principles and Practices
COMM 150 - Media, Self and the World
COMM 275 - Communication Theory
COMM 276 - Communication Research
JOUR 201 - Foundations of Journalism


2 upper-division (300 or 400-level course) in Communications, Communication, Languages, and Culture or Journalism

(6 Courses)

COMM 274 - Organizational Communication


Choose five COMM, CLC, or JOUR 300-400 level courses

(1 Course)

COMM 491 - Communication Capstone: Thesis
COMM 492 Q - Communication Capstone: Project

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Minor in Communication

The communication minor is beneficial to all those who would like to examine and analyze communication behaviors as they occur in social situations, and offers a great complement to a wide variety of majors from both the humanities and sciences. 

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Program Faculty Spotlight

The faculty members in Communication Studies are active researchers.

Priscilla Meyers

Andrea Bergstrom

Assistant Professor

Communication and Identity Formation; Media Literacy; Representations of Gender, Race, Class, Sexuality, and Consumerism

Jonathan Doe

Sofia Karatza

Associate Professor

Ethnographic Film, Experimental Film, Intercultural Communication, Sensory Ethnography


Deborah Breede


Family, Education, Activism and Advocacy; Death and Dying; Tourism

Amanda Green
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Student and Alumni Work

  • Sommer Tarabek (2015)

    earned her B.A. in communication. She is currently working as a Production Assistant in Animation at Blue Sky Studios, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company, in Greenwich, Connecticut.

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Application Requirements

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» $45 Application Fee

» Official Transcripts (Highschool, Secondary School, or Previous College)

» SAT/ACT Test Scores (optional)

For International Students

» Proof of English Proficiency (ESL Students)

» Passport


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Chair, Communication, Media, and Culture

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